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DocTalk October 13, 2015

The doctors join the Nightline show to talk about health and wellbeing and they take your questions!

Dr Shereen Habib, Well Woman Clinic

Dr Sean Petherbridge Keith Nicholl Medical Centre

The Podcast.

Here are the show notes.

Appendicitis, sports injuries
-juice cleanse

Oct 13
  1. memory loss people talking about it is it an age thing?
  2. asa should we be taking it to help prevent heart disease
  3. when do men need a prostate exam
  4. do we need a colon exam after a certain age
  5. lots of acid reflux being spoken about anything we should be doing and is medication a good thing or does it just mask the issues
  6. abnormal vaginal bleeding when to see the gyno
  7. cesareans vs natural birth
  8. medical weight loss, stomach staples… good?
  9. benefits of breastfeeding
10. stroke and working late!

Here is some of the SMS traffic.

 had an accident got a whiplash yesterday didnt feel any pain at that time or u can say whole day.. now I am. having strain in my neck n full right aram

When I was in grade 2 I faked an abdomen ache for so long that eventually my mother took me to the doctor and I had an appendectomy but in reality all Iwanted was to miss school. So it is always worth finding out if the child is not enjoying school and if there are problems at school and that's why the child is complaining of stomach aches. 

In regards to ACL injuries, do you recommend the LARS method? Michael

Was an ultra marathoner. Went on training run and was so in the zone when a car hooted nearby. Severe case of whiplash. Tony

After hearing a snap and excruciating during a football match I got up and started playing after a few minutes since the pain had subsided. And then there was a very bad snap which resulted in a total ACL break requiring 2 surgeries :-). Abid Minhas


Hi docs. My blood pressure is 160 and 80 from last 2 weeks please can u tell me why regards

 This is Abdul..thank you for the nice show.I have a question for the Doctors..
I have a pain on my right shoulder and right side of my neck also front and back of my shoulder blade..this pain is now there for almost  2 weeks..i have been to the gp 3 days back and he has given me pain killers and antube ointment for massage for 5 days but the  pain is still there..

Thank u for ur help...

Hi what is your opinion on the MMR vaccination  drive for kids. Should I let my kids have it. Graham

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