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Cartalk September 28, 2015

The journalists from are back in the Nightline studio and we are talking cars!

Of course you can listen to our podcast but we also want you to join us LIVE Monday's at 9pm on or 103.8FM.

Here is what we had planned for the show.

-Rage Garage loving Sam

-Had a windshield replaced and again the boys at Autoglass Middle East  super

-Loving the look of the DUSTER but found the package too economy

-Nissan Juke
economy with a lot of tech thrown in

-VW and the Diesel Scandal!

-Thought I saw a new Jimny today!

The Suburban, is that a vehicle or what? Suqoia, Armada?

-beefy cars!

I was certainly the black sheep when I reviewed the‪#‎AstonMartin‬ ‪#‎Vanquish‬

Toyota RAV4 is leading year-on-year growth in Al-Futtaim Motors’ SUV segment for the period ending August 2015 at 53.4%, followed by the Toyota Fortuner and FJ Cruiser. Our review…/2013-toyota-rav4-review-imthis…/

This was a surprise

The Podcast!

And here is a look at what some of the listeners were talking about.

Hi james, shezad , and imtishan.. Glad you are all back... Saw the new corvette today and what an engine! Pure sound! Ian (the skoda guy) (ps i got 5.2 ltr/100km from abu dhabi to here in my 1.6 fabia monte carlo)
I have got over 1000km on one tank in  my kia optima fairly regularly. Tony

Two points about fuel. 1. Prices are not deregulated, they are fully regulated, but set monthly with reference to some selected market prices. 2. The distribution cost only is subsidized, and over time, the subsidy is likely to be reduced, removed out made negative! Martin.

Why German cars get more fire in middle.who often we can change engine oil.Faisal

Hi guys ... I have an Honda Civic 2010 mid option... I40000 km done .. What's the price I should look for if I want to sell ... An ideal price ..!!! Thanks again ..Aby here

Why German cars get more fire in uae .Faisal

With regular maintenance how long can I expect my 2012 bmw 320i to go without any major repairing like AC repair etc. When should I consider selling this car? Currently has 107k km. Thanks Charles

Is the Lexus GX worth it compared to the Prado and similar versions from Toyota. Pathfinder or Pajero? Veloster Turbo 6 speed manual or not? Thanks Shumayal

Crv vs santafe vs xtrail

I have an LS 430 Lexus and contemplating whether to change for a newer model like 2006 what the difference was almost 30,000 is it worth it?

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