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CarTalk October 12, 2015

The men from roll into the studio and we talk cars for an hour!


We asked what car people would love to own and this is what people said.

Hi guys - what's the word on the new Land Rover Discovery Sport - how does it rate/sit relative to the Evoque .. What else would it be going up against ..?
Omar 'Kojak' - Dubai

there any all electric cars coming out next year excluding tesla.

Knight Rider GT500... the whole package10/12/2015 9:14:32 PM 971559500072 [From: Manoj Mp] Mclaren P1

Aston Martin one-77
I would love a BMW X6 

Corvair Stinger. Todd

Hi this is Faisal. My dream car? One of the classiest and most beautiful pieces of engineering ever to grace this earth the Jaguar XK120 from the 1950's!

] Guys what's your opinion on volvo vehicles. In which segment does volvo offer a competitive product to buy over the Germans or Japanese? 

Hi james and team mme.. What do the guys think of the lexus rcf ? Looks like a big brother of the gt86 ? . . What bout a tj wrangler say 2007 ? Haha ian(the skoda guy)

It's gotta be a S65 AMG .... No harm in dreaming ! Syed

Dream car frerrie Faisal . Why German cars get fire in uae.

What car can you suggest if I want a RWD manual with at least 300hp?  Bijith

Corolla 86 Trueno - Saif

Hot Wheels and Matchbox are responsible for our auto addiction. Discuss.

Aston Martin db 9 - Uzair 

Dream car: Nissan GTR no match

Dream car : Nissan GTR no match 

Jeep renegade Eman

Hi My name is Salman and my favorite car is FJ cruiser. I will love to own one but ali can't afford it. It is good for a person like me who would like to take it to Oman and drive it off-road plus its petrel consumption of something that I can afford.

Any idea if we will get the new Miata? I've been waiting for so long but no news from dealer. Found a used Boxter S with manual trans at a very good price. What do you think?


I'd love to have a Nissan s14 kouki with a fully tuned boosted RBDETT engine, bride racing seats, stiffened chassis, really low suspensions and negativecamber please!!! ...Raymond 

Hi,I've been driving a toyota corolla for the last 12 yrs!12!:) I feel I owe it to myself to buy a nice fancy car and I'm craving a nice white land rover evoque,feminine and classy:).I've come across one,2015 pure model,pre-owned.the seller's offering the car for 180K.would it be worth that much or should I haggle more?Thx.Rola.

Hi guys. Can we drive wadi bih yet from the dibba side or is it still out of bounds? Tks ian (the skoda guy)

Here is what we spoke about.

Mazda 6

Ferrari 488 GDB Turbo

‪#‎MMEJaguarXES‬ - (Shahzad) 340bhp, 0-100 in 5.1 - Ooooo! But unfortunately still haven't found time to take it for a proper run

Yea not in North America!

Nissan officially launches Nismo in the Middle East and we try out the Nismo GT-R and the Nismo Patrol! -

Fiat500X? Thoughts

84000 for a new Pajero!

Mercedes-Benz was the world’s best-selling luxury car brand for the third consecutive month in September, surpassing BMW and Audi as demand for coupelike SUVs helped its sales grow twice as fast as at either competitor.
Deliveries at the Daimler AG luxury unit rose 16 percent to 188,400 cars last month, compared with 180,500 BMW-brand autos and 170,900 at Audi. A bevy of SUVs, including the new GLC and GLE and the GLA, have put the Mercedes brand on course to outsell Audi for the first time since 2010, said Tim Urquhart, a London-based analyst for IHS Automotive.

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