Wednesday, June 03, 2015

CarTalk June 1, 2015

And you have to love the hour each week we spend talking about cars on Nightline!

The boys from Motoring Middle East, sorry expert automotive journalists, join me each week to enlighten the world about what is hot and not in the world of the automobile.

And most of the time they are on the money, sometimes they are blowing hot air, you will have to be the judge of when.

We kicked off the show talking about the Rolls-Royce Wraith!

The Podcast!

Here is what we set out to speak about.

The Wraith

2016 Miata

GAC is expanding!@

Kia Soroent

Cadillac Escalade is square like a van, love it.

Lincoln Towncar bring it back!

Jag F-Type Coupe

Discovery Sport do you like it?

Chev Spark

Passat anyone buying

Chery sales anyone want one?

2016 Mercedes-Maybach?

Cars and smartwatches could get you a ticket!

And here is a look at what you had to say.

 Is there a 4x4 Rolls Roy's coming soon?

What's your take on the S coupe? I love it but the pricing! 700k is supercar money! Taylor

Hello to James and the panel.  Would you choose the GMC Acadia Denali or the Dodge Durango citadel (full options)

Nissan Xterra 2015 4.0 S new. I appreciate your take on this car please.

] I'm thinking of moving on to a 3.5L car. I'm thinking about the Toyota Avalon and Nissan Maxima. What you think is better?

Nissan Xterra 2015 4.0 S new. I appreciate your take on this car please.


Expedition Vs Yukon XL? 

How's the infiniti q50 2.0t?


Hi Guys, thanks for the great shows ! I 'impulse' purchased a 2012 Jeep Grand Cherokee overland 5.7L @ AED 145K, 50K Kim's on the clock. Love it, but just wondering if I paid a good price ?- Ashwin

Do u know if there's a difference in buying a toyota from the al futtaim motors and dyna trading? Dyna sells well cheaper. But i think I've heard that the dyna ones are not Japan origin.  What do you think? Good enough tonbuy from Dyna trading?

Hey guys. Awesome show. If I were in the US, what would be the best American a V8 truck in the AED 70-80k range? Most bang for my buck. Appreciate your suggestions. Shez.

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