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The Middle East Indie Jukebox with Triplew.ME June 24, 2015

Every week I get the pleasure of sitting down with the folks at Triplew.ME and listening to some of the best indie recording artists with a link to the Middle East on the planet.

This week we had another great lineup that hit all the genres I love.

The playlist

Alif - Holako (Hulagu)

Jason Zaman Radio PART 1

Jason Zaman Radio PART 2

Mo Zowayed - Wine And Sunshine

Postcards - Summertime-

Jadal - Yum El Jum'a Dayman Ashwab


A Conversation With Billie Elias talking Pearl's Party the Book June 24, 2015

James had the opportunity to speak with Billie Elias about her latest project Pearl's Party the story of her mother.

21 chapters of advice, inspiration and fun. 

There is something in Pearl's Party for everyone and there is a soundtrack to this read also.

This is a book you will want to read and listen to.


You can also find Pearl's Party on Facebook.

GETFITRADIO June 23, 2015

Zelda Higgins,, joins me to talk about your fitness.


Here are the show notes.

Is Mr. Higgins ready?

-Golden milk


How SmartPhones are wrecking us!
In today’s culture, everyone seems to be constantly plugged into some device, be it a computer, laptop, tablet or smartphone. Sedentary lifestyles inevitably result in thousands of hours spent with your body resembling a human question mark—head jutting forward, shoulders are rounding and stomachs getting closer to your knees.
A crick in the neck and upper shoulders can develop from over-stressing your neck muscles the day before, from awkward sleep positions, from harshly twisting or turning your head during exercise, from having Smartphone Syndrome posture, or from clocking hours of Quasimodo-like keyboard posture while hunching at your desk.
However, it’s important not to overlook the potential for Smartphone Syndrome—also known as Text Neck—a repetitive use injury that occurs to your upper back, neck muscles, forearms, wrists and hands caused by a combination of poor posture, excessive texting and smart phone use.
Did you know that for every inch the head moves forward in posture, it increases the weight of the head by a staggering 10 pounds? When a 12-pound head is held forward from the shoulders by only 3 inches, it causes 42 pounds of pressure on the neck and upper back muscles.

Beware of fast food like hotdogs!

-not all trainers are on a fitness mag cover!

So really, what is inflammation? When medical pros talk inflammation, they’re referring to a combo of heat, pain, redness, and swelling that can happen externally or inside the body, explains functional medicine physician Susan Blum, MD.
That (not-so-fab) four crops up when the immune system gets “poked” by some kind of irritant,like a food you’re sensitive to, an environmental toxin, or damaged tissue, Dr. Blum says. In response, the body calls immune cells and fluid to the irritated area to help kill whatever’s there, which is ultimately a good thing. But if it’s happening for too long, it can be very, very bad.
“The inflammatory response should be self-limited,” Dr. Blum says. “All of those inflammatory molecules, immune cells, and fluid can really disrupt the functioning of wherever [the inflammation] is located.” That’s why chronic inflammation’s at the root of so many diseases, from Alzheimer’s to cancer.
Why what you eat matters so much
The number-one way to reduce an “inflammatory lifestyle” is through diet, says Dr. Blum.
Wheat, dairy, and sugar tend to be the biggest offenders, but that doesn’t mean everyone needs to jump on the gluten-free bandwagon. “If you have Celiac disease, you absolutely do,” Mendez says. “But some people might find they’re okay with gluten if they just cut out wheat, but keep barley, rye, or spelt, for example,” she explains.

More in Iced cold water!
What Happens When You Drink Cold Water
– When you drink cold beverages your blood vessels shrink, your digestion becomes restricted and hydration is hindered.
– Instead of working to digest the food and absorb the nutrients to create energy, your body is expending energy to regulate your temperature. This can lead to water loss.
– Drinking cold water after a meal creates excess mucus in your body, which can lead to a decrease in immune system function, making it easier to catch colds and illnesses.
– If you eat food while drinking cold beverages or immediately after, the water temperature solidifies fats from the foods we’ve just eaten and the body in turn finds it hard to digest the unwanted fats from our bodies.
Some people say that drinking ice water is beneficial because it burns more calories. I argue that we do not want to make our digestive system have to work harder; we want to makes things as easy on it as we can. There are many other ways to burn calories!
Benefits to Drinking Warm Water
Here are some benefits to drinking water that is room temperature or warmer:
– Faster + increased hydration
– Natural digestive enzymes are stimulated and therefore your digestion is enhanced
– Food breaks down more easily
– Your bowels move better (warm water with lemon in the morning is great for this!)
– It purifies your blood and increases your bodies natural detoxification processes via your skin, kidneys and lymphatic system
Once you get into the habit of drinking water at room temperature or warm, you will notice a dramatic improvement in your digestion and the way your body feels while eating and after the meal. Some people have also reported reduction in sugar cravings.
So, the next time you eat out ask your server to “Hold the Ice!”

Good reasons to stop drinking soda!

Tips for Summer as we get out of the routine!

Any food ideas for snacks as we get out of the routine?

Grilled Peaches with Cinnamon Yogurt

4 Peaches
1 Tbsp. melted butter
1 cup Plain Nonfat Greek Yogurt
¼ teaspoon Cinnamon
Honey, optional
Heat grill to medium. Half and pit peaches and brush both sides with butter. Please peaches on grill and cook about 2 minutes per side. Combine yogurt and cinnamon and place on top of peach. Drizzle with honey, if desired.
Serves 8
Nutrition Facts: 32 calories, 5 grams carbohydrate, .5 gram protein, 1 gram fat, 1 gram fiber

Belly issues tips!

Time to change your workout?

The science of why no to high heels!

DocTalk June 23, 2015

The Doctors were in the house!

 Dr Shereen Habib, Well Woman Clinic

Dr Sean Petherbridge Keith Nicholl Medical Centre

We spoke about the medical issues on your mind!


Here is a look at the show notes.

Ear wax
Erythema multiforme
Pre flight checks

Skinny jeans not for squatting 023/06/2015

Skinny jeans are increasingly popular - but squatting in them can do serious damage to the legs, doctors warn today.
The conclusion comes from the experience of a woman of 35 in Australia, who wore the tight jeans during a day helping a relative move house.
The next day she turned up in hospital complaining of weakness in her ankles.
Doctors concluded she had suffered nerve and fibre damage in her legs.
The incident is reported in the journal of Neurology, Neurosurgery and Psychiatry.
The doctors say the jeans reduced blood supply to the muscles, causing swelling and compression of nerves.
The woman needed four days treatment on an intravenous drip.
Researcher Professor Thomas Kimber, of Adelaide University, Australia, writes: "The present case represents a new neurological complication of wearing tight jeans."
Fashion victim: rhabdomyolysis and bilateral peroneal and tibial neuropathies as a result of squatting in ‘skinny’ jeans Neurology, Neurosurgery and Psychiatry 23 June 2015; doi 10.1136/jnnp-2015-310628 [abstract]

-Bad Dandruff any cure?

-Oral Hygiene do we take it seriously?

- nail fungus is removal of the nail best way to cure?

-is retaining water and bloating the same thing?

-breast tenderness is this a warning sign

-breast cancer and testing too much after diagnosis Canada report

Interesting! Post Ebola patient stuff

-Burns when you pee is a sign of?

-vitamin deficiency

-magnesium deficiency

TechTalk June 22, 2015

Andrew Thomas from joined me for an hour of talking about the technology that we are interested in and that we think is important.


Here are the show notes and links.

Like this but not sure why!
massively addicitive game - just like frogger!
Is Apple letting us down? YES!

SHould apple move into search?

Not everyone loves apple, just like she did at spotify taylor swift will not let her new album on apple music

Change at twitter!

Windows is free!  Or is it, that free upgrades gets some clarification

do we want auto play videos? tough luck there coming anyway!

time for tumblr to make a stand

jurassic cookie classic!

Love this

Very useful star wars information!

According to a new infographic released by retail site Ebates -- and shown to CNET's Crave blog before anyone else -- the Death Star would need to be filled with 1.6 x 10^28 AA Duracells to do its thing. That's 1.6 followed by 28 zeros, in case math hurts your brain (like it does mine). "Stacked end to end, these batteries would measure 84.5 billion light-years, almost enough to stretch across the observable universe," says the graphic.
I know, usually you're thinking of those little batteries singly, or in clusters of just two to four, powering your wireless mouse, TV remote or toy controller.
Of course, there are other fuel sources on Earth and the infographic does a good job of showing how they might all help power various gear in the "Star Wars" universe. For example, a light saber would need 650 car batteries to cut through steel blast doors, the cannons on an X-wing fighter would use 9.8 barrels of oil per discharge, and a shot from a blaster would require 14 Tesla Powerwalls -- the new in-home battery from inventor Elon Musk that will store electricity from solar panels or the main grid.

OK this is such a simple and cool driving aid, see through truck!

Amazon to pay authors based on pages read soon!

Beginning on July 1st, authors who self-publish through Amazon’s KDP Select Program will become part of a new publishing experiment. Currently, Amazon divvies up a pot of money to its native authors each month, based on the number of times their e-Books are “borrowed” through two separate Kindle services: Kindle Unlimited, a standalone, $9.99 / month subscription service, and the Kindle Lending Library, an Amazon Prime membership perk. In the new scheme, authors will be paid for each page that remains on the screen long enough to be parsed, the first time a customer reads the book.
What this system will essentially do is reward authors who write cliffhangers and page-turners; books that can keep the reader hooked. As The Atlantic explains, the payment scheme will also help neutralize the sentiment among authors of longer books that they’re being shortchanged:

OK this is too cool a USb digital microscope! 35$

8 second videos the sweet spot?
Instagram locks advertisers in to the 15-second social video ad, while Vine requires them to build six-second clips. As just about every platform and publisher pushes brands to run shorter videos that grab consumers' attention, Pandora's chief revenue officer John Trimble said he thinks eight-second promos could be mobile video's silver bullet.
Late last year, Pandora rolled out Sponsored Listening, an ad format that lets consumers listen to one hour of ad-free music in exchange for watching a short video promo. Bud Light, Fox and Sony PlayStation have all tested the format since then.
Currently, those pre-roll videos are at least 15 seconds and can run up to two-and-a-half minutes. But it's no surprise that getting people to pay attention for even 15 seconds is tough, causing Trimble to make the case for eight-second preroll. The idea is that an eight-second ad is a nice balance between the length of a six-second Vine and a 10-second video.

Poweliks! The world of computer security is crazy!

Trojan.Poweliks first grabbed people’s attention in 2014 when it evolved into a registry-based threat. As a registry-based threat, Poweliks does not exist as a file on the compromised computer and instead resides only in the Windows registry. While fileless threats that reside in memory-only have been seen before, Poweliks stands out from this crowd because of a persistence mechanism that allows it to remain on the compromised computer even after a restart.
This persistence mechanism is not the only trait that makes Poweliks unique. The Trojan uses other registry tricks, such as a special naming method, to make it difficult for users to find it and then uses CLSID hijacking to maintain its persistence on the compromised computer. Poweliks will also exploit a zero-day privilege escalation vulnerability to take control of the compromised computer. Furthermore, the threat adds the compromised computer to a click-fraud botnet and forces it to download advertisements without the victim’s knowledge.

Did you know Deep linking is an issue?

This is VERY cool! This was where the TV was introduced as a commercial tool! 1939 worlds fair!

What Is A Deep Link?

In the most simple interpretation, a deep link is any link that directs a user past the home page of a website or app to content inside of it. e.g. linking directly to a product instead of the home page. In the context of 2015, we’re particularly interested in mobile deep links; links that can be used to open an app to a specific piece of content or action. For example the URL fb:// may open the Facebook app, but fb://profile/33138223345 opens Wikipedia’s profile in the Facebook app.

Deep linking has grown up with the Internet

The concept of deep linking has been around for a long time; first appearing commonly in media around 2006 to describe the growing practice of providing Google (and other search engines) with visibility into pages beyond the home page.
At the time, the term was also commonly misused to refer to hot linking, the practice oflinking directly to files for download that were hosted by a third, non-participating party. That earned deep linking a public association with the exploding controversy around the online consumption of copyrighted material.
A number of courts in the U.S. issued judgements (and injunctions) on the idea that linkingdirectly to content within a website could be a breach of that party’s copyright, especially when such a deep-linking party was monetizing the content with ads served alongside the content (such as a search listing preview). In 2006, threats against deep linking posed as real a threat to the open and functional Internet as those of net neutrality have in 2014.
Just downloaded this and it is AWESOME!

Uber style delivery by Amazon! Cool!

It all comes down to mobile apps!

Cartalk June 22, 2015

MotoringME.COM was in the house and we had a fantastic evening talking cars. Of course the Lamborghini I drove featured big in the conversation.


Here is what we set out to speak about.

lamborghin Huracan 610-4
0-100 3.2 sec

-just beautiful!

The final Porsche 918 Spyder came off the assembly line in Stuttgart-Zuffenhausen this week. Only 918 were made, and sadly we didn't get to drive a single one

Authorised pre-owned versus new?

Alpha 4c Spider

Our RS6 review

Who would buy a Hyundai Genesis?

2016 Dodge Viper gets matt finish paints!
Viper 2016 colour combinations:
- New matte-finish exterior paint available on all of Viper ‘1 of 1’ program’s 8,000 exterior color options and 24,000 stripe options
- Viper’s custom ‘1 of 1’ exterior paint options double to 16,000 exterior colors and 48,000 unique strip combinations
- Matte finish available in all exclusive ‘1 of 1’ program and standard production colors
- In addition to matte-finish exterior paint, Viper customers can choose between satin chrome or satin bl...

2 new things from GM so soon!

GM executives are confident that they'll reap more than $1,000 in extra per-vehicle profit from the 2016 Malibu when it goes on sale this fall, simply by offering head-turning features and options rather than fire-sale prices. They expect the same from the redesigned Cruze, scheduled for an unveiling here this week.
But those cars will arrive in a market that is squeezing car margins, not expanding them. Industry incentives on both midsize and compact cars last month hit their highest levels in more than five years, as automakers try to keep customers interested amid a shift toward crossovers. And more cars have been making the profit-sapping journey to rental-car lots in recent months.

KIA Soul or Renault Capture

Cruze hatch? We have these don’t we?
The Cruze hatch also will take on the Ford Focus, which derives about 40 percent of its sales from the five-door model. Other hatches include the Hyundai Elantra GT and Volkswagen Golf.
IHS Automotive expects hatchbacks to grow to 7.8 percent of U.S. light-vehicle sales by 2020, up from an estimated 5.3 percent this year.

The Dodge Caravan lives for now but even US market is slack!
The death of the current-generation Dodge Grand Caravan may have been greatly exaggerated.
Fiat Chrysler plans to continue production of the current Dodge people hauler at least into the 2017 model year, according to an internal company document. It will be built alongside a redesigned version of the Chrysler Town & Country minivan beginning early next year.
The Grand Caravan had been set to end production in 2016.
The planning document indicates that the next-generation Town & Country is scheduled to start production on Feb. 29, 2016, at FCA's recently overhauled Windsor, Ontario, assembly plant.
That minivan, with the two-letter code RU, will be a 2017 model. The 2016 Town & Country will be produced during a short run beginning in early August and ending in mid-February.

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Attention to your actions call-in June 17, 2015

This week on the call-in show we asked the simple question, how much attention are you paying to your persona actions? Ever worry that something you do, like send a text or whatsapp could get you in trouble?


Here is some of the sms interaction.

I hate it when, I hear kids refer to themselves in the third person, how do these kids expect to get jobs cheers Dom

I'm not a fan of disrespectful language but perspectives are not in proportion when you get tens of 1000s for swearing yet you can risk peoples' lives by dangerous driving and get nothing. Andy

Hi! A few friends took our elderly relatives who were   vacation 2 an expensive brunch in dubai recently - wow what a letdown - way 2 many western drunken people causing havoc - no effort by hotel staff 2 address the situation - expect it was a case of money talks? Thanks cathy

Bad or offence behaviour is the same everywhere. It's the reactions and consequences that differ from place to place. Cheers Cameron

Ok relax... everybody is either leaving dubai or the rest of the world is coming in from terminal 1..  Cheers, Ispahani

In terms of self representation, how many employers check a candidates Facebook , are we harming our opportunities Dom

All this "small" things are so annoying that this is one the main reasons we're going to leave the country...Peter

Just passed a mosque and they are parked in middle of the road. One rule for certain people. Ian

Hi guys, nice topic! Don't understand why some blokes speak so loud whether in a public place or in a bar. Are they showing of their gorgeous voice;-)? Take care guys!

We also need to understand cultural differences. Loss of face or reputation in the ME culture is extremely serious. So a txt that causes offence means more to some cultures than others hence the new fines which we westerners don't understand what the fuss is al about. An Arab will see it differently.

The best solution to all if this is good parenting. A phenomenon dying out due to longer working hours and domestic slaves. One can't always hide behind saying "different cultures", there are global values...peter

Here is what we preped with.

People detained in Malaysia last month for nude photos on a mountain and an earthquake some days later?

Are we thinking enough about what we say, do and how we act or are you throwing caution into the wind?
How much thought do you give to your public actions?

Related Cases

05/03/15 Facebook rant lands US man in UAE jail

An expat American has been arrested in the United Arab Emirates for comments he posted on

Facebook while in the US.

Helicopter mechanic Ryan Pate wrote the Facebook post while in Florida after arguing with

employer Global Aerospace Logistics (Gal) over sick leave.

On returning to Abu Dhabi from Florida, he was arrested for breaking the country's strict

cyber-slander laws.

His trial is due to start on 17 March and he could face up to five years in jail and a large fine

if found guilty.

In the post, Mr Pate called Gal "backstabbers" and warned other contractors about working

for the firm. He also complained about life in the UAE and used a racial slur against the

region's people.

The Cybercrime Law/ Educating People about The Law


Sharif reviewed the set laws and punishments for many of the offenses that have involved young people due to

their ignorance of the laws and the proper ways to treat others, including the most important offenses that are

contained in the Cybercrimes Law. “Financial sanctions against the perpetrators of crimes can reach up to

Dh500,000 in cases of insult or defamation, and can range between Dh150,000 and Dh500,000 for crimes

related to publishing unauthorised pictures of others on social media. As punishable by law, the violator may also

be subject to imprisonment,” she added.

How Does It Compare

A speeding motorist who ran over and killed a camel has been ordered to pay Dhs10,000 to the owner of

the animal.