Friday, May 22, 2015

The Advice to High School Graduates Call-in May 20, 2015

Elie joined me and we asked you to share with us the advice you would give a high school graduate today!

Here is what we used to prime the conversation.

Advice to High School Grads in the UAE


Here is what the listeners added to the conversation.

With your very first paycheck; start saving. 10% is enough to start, but start now.                           (Cynthia)

Telephone and interview skills to get those jobs in call centers, supermarkets, restaurants etc. Olivia

Stick at it - all those random, tedious jobs will pay off

More than anything be a good human being. Honestly loyalty integrity respect

Don't worry about selecting a major or deciding what you want to be at 17 or 18. Go to university with an open mind - by freshman or sophomore year decide what major you want to select and what your real passion is. Also, if you are doing a levels - don't select difficult a level subjects. They don't matter.  Adnan

Work during the day and study in the evenings,  makes appreciate what u study and helps u climb the ladder faster. That worked for me very well. Rami

Don't worry about getting laid. Don't worry about having a serious gf / bf. don't worry about finding "the one" or being in love. Take it easy. Play thefield. It'll all fall in place when the times right (30).

I advise them to listen to "They know what is what" by Fat Boy Slim.

Take a wonderful moments , learn from your mistakes , enjoy your present , plan for your future ,,remember you would be happy as long as you grow mentally .. "coach ,Aaesha Alzaabi "

- Try to get a part time job in the same field which u r going to study in college. 2- learn how to cook specially if u r going to stay in the dorms. Mustafa

This is Hisham, again. I'd like to add... Don't regret making mistakes. Be it choosing the wrong major or anything else. There's still time to make up.

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