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Self-Service makes us lazy Call-in May 6, 2015

This week the self service experiment at petrol/gas stations in Dubai came to an end!

Really, there are no self serve petrol stations in the UAE.

We asked if the fact that the self serve culture does not exist in the UAE is an issue.

Here is what we were reading.

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There were some very interesting calls to the show.

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Here is the entire podcast!

We are always impressed with what comes through on the SMS!

Hey James.  I've seen so many guys leaving the nozzle  hung on to the gas tank thinking it ll hold it ... and bam it fell off I d Say they need tobe trained and gas stations didn't do a good job there in teaching them how to do that
Dont worry about lack of self-service. It takes you 5 seconds when you step into self-service environment. To figure it out. You are overthinking it.
I can barely get the car to the station right, let alone fill it by myself. XD
It's WAY more of a blessing than a curse (everyone benefits) but still, we're like babies, we need to gain more independence ASAP.
Also, by the way WE DO have self check in at Dubai Airport!! (It's called Electronic check in, I guess?)
9 years in dubai and none of ironing done at home any more:)
Things don't just get done. We pay for every service. It s not a question of complacency. Its a question of social responsibility.
This is why we live here! Allan
 Hi James, A lot of people like me are not used to self service, for instance at a filling station. I am from India and we dont have that concept back home...Anand
Absolutely agree that we should be filling our fuel ourselves. Funny how I once got a talking down by a Pump attendant for attempting to fill up myself while he was at another pump. Shelton 
And yes, I did know what I was doing with the pump!
Guys... If we were to rationalise the uae and have the population doing the stuff that people do on their own in Europe. 
As well as stopping to overstaff empty shop on weekdays I think the real estate market would crash cause 1 millions people would go back to their country. 
I know a guy that catches rides with people because he needs to 'fix' his car. He has no gas
 I've had that conversation with  friends. We all agreed that car washing and the laundry for shirts were keeper. 
Some thought weekly or by monthly maid were useful too. 

But we are all shocked off the plastic bag guys,  petrol station ans so on...
Even after 5-10 years living here. 
Learned to drive in dubai 8 years ago and still never put petrol in a car!!
The difference is that the people doing that back in Europe still can rent their house and sometime have a car and all. 

Here those people live 8 in a rooms. Work 26-30 days a month ans are paid peanuts. 
 Hey James, keep your hair on ;). It wouldn't be so exciting if you has to do it everyday :). But I agree with you pumping your gas is something the young need to learn. For real achievement you might wana give up the outsourced ironed shirts ;). 
While growing up in the 80's in Dubai we didn't really have maids those jobs were done by our parents and as kids we shared the jobs. Many of us didn't even get pocket money for it.
 Hi. My brother in LA said he and friends took 3 days to assemble the complicated fbedroom furniture set. Here the guys came and assembled in a couple of hours . 

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