Friday, May 29, 2015

Employee Trust Call-in May 27, 2015

We had a very simple question for the Wednesday call-in, can we trust the people who work for us?

The callers we had all had interesting takes on the question and are well worth a listen to.

Here is a look a the talking notes we worked from!

What is the purpose of office security?
Are we untrustworthy as employees?
Using office resources a problem?
Monitoring of email, phone, social media, internet

Here is what the listeners had to say!

I work on the weekends and in the evening -  using my printer and my paper. I answer phones and emails outside office hours and sometimes answer personal calls and emails in office hours. The boundary between work and home/work life is more blurred than 10 yrs ago so I don't think it's theft or less trust - unless it was serious abuse. One ream of paper and a bit of stationery to Top up what you have used... Really?

First advice my Dad gave me on mu first day at work is dont take any thing from office. Apart from personal copies . i have followed his in my 20 years of working life. pramod
5/27/2015 9:18:27 PM 971506148458 People are generally honest. A person would steal or cheat their employers only when they're asking for it (how far would an individual have to be pushed to do such a thing? What's your limit?) 

Security searches? Definitely asking for it!

There's milk on my desk.eave it alone. Stef.

photocopy machine tracking for document control not for cost savings


Just some personal experience on the matter. When I worked in US (for a large public organization) I did make copies, used some folders and in general utilized things at the office for my personal use sometimes. However, before I would use something I would ask and tell why I need this or that my boss every time. In the beginning my boss refused me few times but after a while he pretty much would allow me to do anything (within reasons of course). It made me feel easier because it was not at the back of my mind that I did something wrongful. I always delivered on my goals and at some point I was even allowed to listen to music at work because I showed it increased my performance.

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