Thursday, May 28, 2015

CarTalk May 25, 2015

Here we go with CarTalk and the gentlemen journalists from!

Of course there is always so much to talk about and there is always my rant about the Corvette that has gone from cool to ugly in my opinion. 

You are going to want to have a listen to the podcast because these men are on fire!

Here is what we set out to speak about.

Masserati Gibli q4s
Discovery Sport
Mini Cooper S Full Fat
Sahar aCentre Mini car

What will the z/28 Camero look like?

Volks R400 a prototype to become reality?

il mostro masertatti!

And here is a bit of what you had to say.

Audi new Vs Audi used? What should I buy?

Hey guys, what's the most fun car you can get in Dubai that really holds its resale value? Sounds lame but not everyone's made of money! Cheers, Taylor

Its a bit lazy to organise a launch of a nice nippy little town car at a race track.... come on Mini get creative... should have done the kartrack

Toyota 86 or focus St. Rick

Hi guys lovely show. Want to buy SUV for wifey 120K budget. Please suggest. Azeem.

How about skoda octavia vrs 220 hp, 2015?

Hi James!Can you help me knowing the fair value for ford explorer 2010 mid range model!81000 km run!Single handed driven! Agency maintained!No accidents!

Hi, I Just bought a fortuner pre- owned 30000 km driven 2013 model. I feel I driving on a bumpy road specially when car is in slow speed. They have not given me the Bridgestone tyred but the tyres are new. Need your help. Regards Rehman

How is overall rating of Toyota fortuner ??

What abhut A45

I have an xterra 2008 and i love it, was going for a path finder upgrade but they ruined it. Need a body on wheel car and can only see the maintenance hungry LR4, any thoughts? Ali

Prado exr vs fortuner Trd ?

Nope, Daniel, just boght the Skoda Octavia VRS 220 hp, 2015, for 93 k and I wanna know your opinion

Whats the view on bio fuels of he future.... Lex at XSPORT

Hi this is amer 
The 2015 gti is not boring ! The fun is definitely back! I know the horsepower is lower than a focus st or a Reno  , but my god you gotta take off the hat for the way it EATS corner, nothing like that suspension:)!
Moreover it is the cheapest to maintain on a service contract

Hi james and the guys. Yes i'll have to start pushing these skoda guys again. But i think the octavia vrs get sold very quickly.. B rgds ian (the skoda guy) ;-)

How about Ford explorer vs FJ

Which 4wd new or pre owned would you recommend in 100k range 

What is ur opinion on lexus is250 f sport? Dan

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