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Cartalk May 18, 2015

One of the most popular hours each week on Nightline is CarTalk with the guru journalists from Motoring Middle East.

This week the show kicked off with the GUSHING by the boys about the new Camero!


Here is what you had to say, the show notes follow!

Just joined, are u talking abt 2016 camaro? Fayz

Hey guys, Need your help. I wanna get a second hand mustang GT 2014 (premium - panoramic roof) but not sure if I'm getting a good deal (aed 140k) what say?

Guys, I have a 2005 Porchse Boxster S. Which garage you recommend to get my car serviced. I don't want to take it to the dealer, they are expensive ! And how much do you think my car is worth ? Fayz

I bought a brand new Mercedes E300 2015 model ? Are they good cars? Any problems Will it depreciate big in two years? Assad

But I hate the new mustang shape. That is why I want the 2014. The showroom doesn't have anymore new 2014s

Hi guys, what do you think of Ford Fusion SE? 2014 model (new) on offer now at dealer for 90,000. Seems like a good price, agree?

Hi guys, what do you think of Ford Fusion SE? 2014 model (new) on offer now at dealer for 90,000. Seems like a good price, agree?

What do you think? Cadillac SRX or the Lincoln MKX? - Yash 12yrs.

Hi Guys,

Peugeots are dying due to reliability issues. The old ones were nice cars, without major issues, but the later models from 2008 or so are just horrible. Our 207's steering died and cost us 3000 dhs. Not good for a cheap run about hatchback

Hey Guys,
Im looking for a second hand 2 door sports car. My budget is 100k but I don't want a car over 2 years old. Something fun. :)
What do you guys recommend? 

Hi Guys, like your show. What are the pros and cons for Ford Explorer 2010 with mileage of 70k and price tag of 50k. Mubashir

I am a little bummed out I have a C Class 2008 which has run 185000 km. I took the best care of my car it's fully dealer serviced. However recently while driving on the highway it started making a sound I took it to a local garage recommended by my insurance.

When I got the car back from them if we're still making a lot of sound so I took it to EMC to get a full report and they now tell me something else was wrong with it I have no way of telling weather the garage did something the repair from the dealer will cost 20000 dirhams.

It safe to drive but the noise is there they recommended I sell the car and get a new one but when I checked online I was shocked to see that that modelwill not sell for more then 40K. What do I do do I repair and take a risk or do I take the bullet and get a new car. Rohit Arora

 What about Toyota Aurion, for Abu Dhabi daily drive to office from Dubai 

] Hi guys,

Yes you guys are right, this might be a specific issue. But I shall share another instance. The a/c on my old 307 wasn't able to keep up with middle eastern weather after 2 years of use, same goes with my friend's 308. The answer from someone technical is that Peugoet don't care of this region as they don't sell many here. Hence cars that come here don't cope with our climate after initial period and starts to fail bit by bit.


Hey James and team, i really want an aston martin vantage but was told that the 2008 models are much better 

Hey Guys,
Thanks for answering my question. Toyota 86 doesn't excite me as much. I thought of the Mustang and Camaro and will test drive a few out. Any other options I'm missing out? I want a second hand car because I may want to resell in a year or so. Im easily bored and don't want to take a big hit. 

The noise is something to do with the rear differencial. EMC says it's wear and tear and the noise is going to get worse until the part eventually does need replacement. The repair done was on the drive shaft in the front. Again the garage said it was wear and tear. Rohit

And thanks I will keep listening to you. Do love the show. My friends do say however its time for a new car. But i just havr an attachmmet to this one and thought it would last me longer. Rohit

Hi Guys, you are the best as usual! Plse advise a good work shop to fix some issues on my Lexus ES350 with reasonable price and good quality work. 
I will really appreciate it!

Hello to James and the panel.  What is your opinion on the GMC Terrain, and specifically the Denali version

Here is what we set out to talk about.

clean desert drive!

2016 ford explorer

The new camero!

Everything you need to know about 2016 Chevrolet Camaro ‪#‎CamaroSix‬

BMW M6! WOWser

This or an AED95k Ford Focus ST?

(Shahzad) Early morning ‪#‎Maserati‬ shoot paused for ‪#‎Camel‬ crossing!

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