Thursday, May 14, 2015

CarTalk May 11, 2015

The boys from Motoring Middle East are in the house and we are talking cars and more!

We started off the show being very clear about how clueless James can be.

The boys then had a good talk about the Crysler 300c srt8!

You are really going to want to hear the entire show!


Here is a look at some of the SMS messages.

What is the difference between Range Rover Vogue and other models. How is a vogue 2006 for AED 57,000. Fayz

Firstly nothing I ever do is pointless Imthi, secondly 300SRT is amazing and thirdly the 300SRT IS BRILLIANT Grand Cherokee SRT is outstanding too... Callum

Just got the Macan S and I'm well chuffed: what do the guys think about it? Cheers, Taylor

I have lost 17kg James, I don't eat pizza these days, but if you want me to bring you tea I'm happy to make a cameo appearance

Taylor again. Definitely a dude

Guys any ideas where can I look for cars after dubizzle started charging for automotive ads

ShahzadSheikh@MME should I buy a 918? 

y friend at work just said today " he is trying to decide between Audi A3 and Ford Expedition" how do we make fun of his idea in the most offensive way- regards Fahad.

Hi guys i have a 1955 Jag XK140 renovated+in storage in UK. When I want 2sell it will I get a better price in UAE or somewhere else in the world ? Wot uthink its worth ? Thanx Ms Annie

Guys. What's your opinion on the Bentley V8 saloon. I don't remember which one it is but there's a special offer for approx 11K per month. Kumar

And as always the show notes.

lambo SUV an evoque?

twin turbo AV Viper

Soul vs capture

Now here's a TT that's sparked our interest: 2.5-litre with electric biturbo, 600bhp and 479lb ft with a 0-100kph time of 3.6seconds! Sadly it's just a concept car to be shown at concept car on the W├Ârthersee Tour in the Austrian town of Reifnitz 13-16 May

Which Mini to pick?

Merc 500 with a rear window like a 93 Taurus

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