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Bike Safety Call-in April, 29, 2015

This show was all about bike safety in Dubai.

We kicked off the show with a call from Aman!

Elie, my co-host, was rather optimistic about what was coming.

So what were we talking about? Here is the question as simple as it can be stated!

Here is the podcast.

There is a lot to look at to help get a sense of the issues playing out.

Punishing cyclists who use them as transport?

While it is certainly a good idea to make our roads safer, how does one dead from cycling compare to the hundreds and hundreds who died in car accidents last year?
Seems riding a bike is safer than driving a car in Dubai.
And, those of us who can afford to ride a bike for leisure will pack it in the car and take it somewhere safe to ride.
How about those of us who are actually using their bike to get from A to B, who have no other mode of transport?
We do not use highways because we love to risk our lives, we do so because we have no choice.
Before fining us for jay-walking and riding our bikes for our jobs, please, dear Dubai Police, build us infrastructure so we can keep coming to mow your lawns, water your gardens, clean your cars, deliver your take-away meals.
Rita Amer (on behalf of those who have no choice), Mirdif

Punishing the laborers?


MORE than 11,000 bicycles have been confiscated in the past two months because riders were behaving dangerously – including cycling against the flow of traffic – Dubai Police have revealed.
CONFISCATED: Just some of the 11,000 cycles
The figures were revealed after the Dubai Executive Council passed a new law outlining new cycling rules – such as a ban on riding on roads with a speed limit of more than 60kph.
And fines for cycling offences can now reach as much as Dhs1,000. “Bad cycling practices are causing road casualties and it is our job to put an end to this,” said Colonel Saif Al Mazrouei, the director of Dubai Traffic Police.
“This new law will provide the right tools to combat bad cycling.” Last year one person was killed and another 24 injured in accidents involving cyclists on Dubai roads, according to police. “Many people, especially among the worker categories, carry out dangerous acts while cycling,” said Al Mazrouei.

The new law.

The Executive Council’s decree also allows for a Dh300 fine for those that ride in a way that endangers pedestrians or other cyclists.
Anyone found cycling on a track dedicated for pedestrians can be fined Dh200.
Those carrying a passenger on a bike that is not designed for the job could be fined Dh200, and a similar penalty applies to any cyclist caught breaking any other road rules.
But cyclists are not the only ones under the gun.
Motorists who drive or park their vehicles on dedicated bike tracks can be fined Dh300.
The laws are aimed at regulating the use of bike tracks and lanes to make them safer, and promoting cycling as part of a healthier lifestyle, the state news agency Wam reported.

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