Friday, May 29, 2015

The Middle east indie Jukebox May 27, 2015

Here we go with the Middle East Indie Music Jukebox thanks as always to the folks at Triplew.ME who pull it all together!

This week a great lineup!

Dead Shakes

Nice rock and roll!

Scott Attew

Ashekman and DJ Lethal Skillz 'Deyman Ijebeh'

Aziz Maraka - Meen Qallek-

Safar - Olive Oil Soul-1


Employee Trust Call-in May 27, 2015

We had a very simple question for the Wednesday call-in, can we trust the people who work for us?

The callers we had all had interesting takes on the question and are well worth a listen to.

Here is a look a the talking notes we worked from!

What is the purpose of office security?
Are we untrustworthy as employees?
Using office resources a problem?
Monitoring of email, phone, social media, internet

Here is what the listeners had to say!

I work on the weekends and in the evening -  using my printer and my paper. I answer phones and emails outside office hours and sometimes answer personal calls and emails in office hours. The boundary between work and home/work life is more blurred than 10 yrs ago so I don't think it's theft or less trust - unless it was serious abuse. One ream of paper and a bit of stationery to Top up what you have used... Really?

First advice my Dad gave me on mu first day at work is dont take any thing from office. Apart from personal copies . i have followed his in my 20 years of working life. pramod
5/27/2015 9:18:27 PM 971506148458 People are generally honest. A person would steal or cheat their employers only when they're asking for it (how far would an individual have to be pushed to do such a thing? What's your limit?) 

Security searches? Definitely asking for it!

There's milk on my desk.eave it alone. Stef.

photocopy machine tracking for document control not for cost savings


Just some personal experience on the matter. When I worked in US (for a large public organization) I did make copies, used some folders and in general utilized things at the office for my personal use sometimes. However, before I would use something I would ask and tell why I need this or that my boss every time. In the beginning my boss refused me few times but after a while he pretty much would allow me to do anything (within reasons of course). It made me feel easier because it was not at the back of my mind that I did something wrongful. I always delivered on my goals and at some point I was even allowed to listen to music at work because I showed it increased my performance.

Thursday, May 28, 2015

GETFITRADIO May 26, 2015

It is amazing how much we do to live healthier and how many questions we have!

Zelda Higgins,, joins me every week to help you make sense of fitness and what we know and don't know so well.

Here is a list of what we spoke about and the links to all our conversation points including the food!

Get killer arms!

Iron deficiency!

Why to not sit so long!
Do you need a fitness tracker?
A good 15 minute workout
What is in those vitamines?
A great weightloss story

Easy cooking!
Sodium is all over the place on our plate!

DOCTALK May 26, 2015

Every week the doctors join me in the studio and we have a good old consultation about all things medical.

Dr Shereen Habib, Well Woman Clinic

Dr Sean Petherbridge Keith Nicholl Medical Centre


And as always we get a nice healthy dose of interaction.

The running order for this show looked like this.

Exam stress
Vaccines for holidays
Hiatus Hernia

Botox and an overactive bladder!

Pain killers and liver issues!

Is DVT a real risk?

What is a stroke and what are the sign of it?

Should we be worried about antibiotics in food?

Sleep Apnea who is at risk? What is it? Solutions?

Cigar smoking is dangerous like cigarettes?

Oral Health are we paying enough attention?

What do blood thinners do to us?

What is MS?

TECKTALK the app recap May 25, 2015

Who isn't thinking about tech, exactly!

Andrew Thomas and I get together on a weekly basis to have a chat, Andrew makes his home.

This week back by popular demand we thought we would give you a bit of an app recap!

CarTalk May 25, 2015

Here we go with CarTalk and the gentlemen journalists from!

Of course there is always so much to talk about and there is always my rant about the Corvette that has gone from cool to ugly in my opinion. 

You are going to want to have a listen to the podcast because these men are on fire!

Here is what we set out to speak about.

Masserati Gibli q4s
Discovery Sport
Mini Cooper S Full Fat
Sahar aCentre Mini car

What will the z/28 Camero look like?

Volks R400 a prototype to become reality?

il mostro masertatti!

And here is a bit of what you had to say.

Audi new Vs Audi used? What should I buy?

Hey guys, what's the most fun car you can get in Dubai that really holds its resale value? Sounds lame but not everyone's made of money! Cheers, Taylor

Its a bit lazy to organise a launch of a nice nippy little town car at a race track.... come on Mini get creative... should have done the kartrack

Toyota 86 or focus St. Rick

Hi guys lovely show. Want to buy SUV for wifey 120K budget. Please suggest. Azeem.

How about skoda octavia vrs 220 hp, 2015?

Hi James!Can you help me knowing the fair value for ford explorer 2010 mid range model!81000 km run!Single handed driven! Agency maintained!No accidents!

Hi, I Just bought a fortuner pre- owned 30000 km driven 2013 model. I feel I driving on a bumpy road specially when car is in slow speed. They have not given me the Bridgestone tyred but the tyres are new. Need your help. Regards Rehman

How is overall rating of Toyota fortuner ??

What abhut A45

I have an xterra 2008 and i love it, was going for a path finder upgrade but they ruined it. Need a body on wheel car and can only see the maintenance hungry LR4, any thoughts? Ali

Prado exr vs fortuner Trd ?

Nope, Daniel, just boght the Skoda Octavia VRS 220 hp, 2015, for 93 k and I wanna know your opinion

Whats the view on bio fuels of he future.... Lex at XSPORT

Hi this is amer 
The 2015 gti is not boring ! The fun is definitely back! I know the horsepower is lower than a focus st or a Reno  , but my god you gotta take off the hat for the way it EATS corner, nothing like that suspension:)!
Moreover it is the cheapest to maintain on a service contract

Hi james and the guys. Yes i'll have to start pushing these skoda guys again. But i think the octavia vrs get sold very quickly.. B rgds ian (the skoda guy) ;-)

How about Ford explorer vs FJ

Which 4wd new or pre owned would you recommend in 100k range 

What is ur opinion on lexus is250 f sport? Dan

Friday, May 22, 2015

The Middle East Indie Jukebox May 20, 2015

The music mavens over at Triplew.ME join Nightline every week to roll out a huge record player to spin the best that is being done by independent recording artists in the Middle East.

This week!

ammit - Soldiers

TheEmptyCorner_Mike Ross-

Metamorphiq-Unlucky one-

Alsarah & The Nubatones - Wad Alnuba (Captain Planet Remix)-


The Podcast!

The Advice to High School Graduates Call-in May 20, 2015

Elie joined me and we asked you to share with us the advice you would give a high school graduate today!

Here is what we used to prime the conversation.

Advice to High School Grads in the UAE


Here is what the listeners added to the conversation.

With your very first paycheck; start saving. 10% is enough to start, but start now.                           (Cynthia)

Telephone and interview skills to get those jobs in call centers, supermarkets, restaurants etc. Olivia

Stick at it - all those random, tedious jobs will pay off

More than anything be a good human being. Honestly loyalty integrity respect

Don't worry about selecting a major or deciding what you want to be at 17 or 18. Go to university with an open mind - by freshman or sophomore year decide what major you want to select and what your real passion is. Also, if you are doing a levels - don't select difficult a level subjects. They don't matter.  Adnan

Work during the day and study in the evenings,  makes appreciate what u study and helps u climb the ladder faster. That worked for me very well. Rami

Don't worry about getting laid. Don't worry about having a serious gf / bf. don't worry about finding "the one" or being in love. Take it easy. Play thefield. It'll all fall in place when the times right (30).

I advise them to listen to "They know what is what" by Fat Boy Slim.

Take a wonderful moments , learn from your mistakes , enjoy your present , plan for your future ,,remember you would be happy as long as you grow mentally .. "coach ,Aaesha Alzaabi "

- Try to get a part time job in the same field which u r going to study in college. 2- learn how to cook specially if u r going to stay in the dorms. Mustafa

This is Hisham, again. I'd like to add... Don't regret making mistakes. Be it choosing the wrong major or anything else. There's still time to make up.

GETFITRADIO May 19, 2015

I love the time of the week when we get to pull on the spandex and jump on the exercise equipment.

Zelda Higgins of Zayed University,, joins me to help make sense of the world of fitness!

We got the evening going talking about what we love to do in the gym.

The Podcast.

Here are the show notes.

How to get through the soreness?

Foods to beware off?

And easy cooking idea that is healthy?

Nutrition labels and size of packages beware!

Before and after pics! Keep a record to keep motivated.

A great question about gym air quality!

How many calories do we need?

How do I know when i should change my workout?

Working out in private vs public is it all in my head or does public make me more accountable?

7 things after the gym that aren’t good for you.

3 exercises better than jumping jacks!
7 thing getting in the way of good sleep!

tips for beginners

DocTalk May 19, 2015

Every week we turn the Nightline studio into the nations biggest doctors waiting room and we encourage the patients to talk among themselves.

The doctors join the conversation to help you make sense of it all!

Dr Shereen Habib, Well Woman Clinic

Dr Sean Petherbridge Keith Nicholl Medical Centre


As usual there was a lot to talk about.

The Podcast.

Here are some of the messages that came in so you can follow along.

Did all tests. No complain except liquid visible in mri. Sometime i feel very week to stand after i get up from chair.

Dear docs two days ago my back of the neck muscles got so strained I can't move my neck. Is it because of the heat and cold ? I walked in the sun and inAC a few times that morning.
Kindly guide what it is and remedies plz.

I played tennis and stretch my back and now have pain in back past one week pls advise

Hi, I have got small, solid cysts on my scrotal area. I've had them for several years and although they're not painful, they are slightly embarrassing. I squeezed one myself a year or so ago and it went and I now have a few more. Any advice of treatment greatly appreciated. Thanks o

Hi doctors, I had called a moment ago on rheumatic fever...since the age of 12 today I am 33...Pentids 400mg twice a day continue..till age 20 took injections, then moved to tablets, dosage reduced over the years. When can treatment be stopped. I do have ASO titre yearly and it's clear. Regards candy

Great show! For any sort of pain due to inflammation would advice cooking salt in Luke warm water and place it on the area where it pains few times every day. It works:-).

My wife has a very bad recurring episode of vaginal infection which dr's say its fungal which will remain for long. None of the anti biotics worked. Betadine wash nor skin specialists could ease it out. It gets irritating few days before mens cycle n she eases the irritation by using axe oil. How to helpher ?

TechTalk May 18, 2015

You know that you are in for a bucket of surprises when Andrew Thomas, @digigeekster, wanders into the padded room also known as the Nightline studio.


What makes this show interesting is the amount of stuff we dig up to talk about.

Of course we seldom have enough time to get to it all.

The show notes.

app of the week
we should try this tomorrow
google calendar - so simple, so easy, fully integrated
I only use this man! LOVE IT! And it totally integrates to all Google glitz!
does anyone watch tv anymore?  chromecast just added a bunch of tv channels
there's some good dudes out there
does anyone buy these? i guess i would if there was a star wars edition
gooogle looking at ecomerce - buy now folks

look at those pearly whites
Viewable video a term I have never thought about!

Love this!

Saw NSF in use in US!
Not too many people using app or electronic boarding pass!
Disposable phone numbers?
Self drive cars coming fast!

Why do we love retro games?
Google may let us buy through mobile search? Heading to amazon land sort of?

The feature will be added in the coming weeks, and will be applied only to some sponsored search results, which a company pays for. It will not be applied to "organic" search results, which are generated by Google's algorithms. Potential retail partners could include Macy's.
If users tap on the buy button, they're taken to a Google product page where they can complete the purchases and sort through details like color selection and size for clothes.
Google declined to comment.

Wearable tech is all about measurements!
1st Coffee pods not food pods!

Just a cool idea tested by a blogger!
I spent the last week gliding around San Francisco in the now infamous “Suitsy,” an adult-sized pajama onesie disguised as a full business suit. At bars and in meetings, no one seemed to notice anything amiss.

2. OK we spend a lot of time talking phones and the modular phone has been on our agenda. How did we miss the idea of using the case to add functioality?

3 SSD memory is the norm BUT BEWARE OF TEMPERATURE!
Solid-state drives outclass hard drives as a storage medium in almost every way: they’re faster, less fragile, and can store more data per square inch. But according to some experts, SSDs suck at long-term storage of information, thanks to one particular problem: temperature.
Under optimal conditions, consumer-grade SSDs — the ones you’d find in most laptops — retain data for two years when not powered up. For enterprise SSDs, that drops to four months. Those numbers alone aren’t a problem — anyone cold-storing data for months on end is probably using tape drives anyway.
But what is a problem is SSDs stored under less-than-optimal conditions. For every rise of 9 degrees Fahrenheit in the ambient temperature, the data retention period is cut in half. So, that SSD that retains information for two years at 77 degrees will only keep it for a year if the thermometer hits 85.
More problematically, that means enterprise-grade drives stored in a hot environment — say, for example, a server farm — can have a retention period of days, if the temperature is high enough. So until that problem is sorted out — or the planet goes into another ice age — good old-fashioned tape drives are going to have to stick around. [KoreLogic]

4 reprogram your car!

Pasqua has configured Visible Tesla so that it uses his car’s location to send him handy e-mail reminders. “Our grocery store doesn’t give out bags anymore,” he says. “With Visible Tesla I can bring up a Google map, draw a circle around a certain area, and say ‘Send me a text message anytime I go in that area, and here’s what I want it to say.’ So when I go to my grocery store parking lot, I get a text message that says ‘Remember your bags.’”
Tesla doesn’t seem to mind the do-it-yourself programming. Even after he accidentally bombarded Tesla’s servers with data once, Pasqua says, he wasn’t told to stop. “They didn’t send a nastygram,” he says. “They sent me an e-mail saying ‘Hey, [we] don’t know what’s going on, but you just hit us 1,000 times a second—we had to turn you off.’ Of course I apologized profusely. They were cool about it. They could’ve easily shut it down, and they haven’t done that.”
Even without Pasqua’s library, some users have found it possible to tap into a Model S over the Internet. Edward Arthur, a semiconductor designer who lives in southern Massachusetts, wrote a simple script that would check whether his car’s battery was charging at 9:30 A.M. and send him a text message if he’d forgotten to plug it in.
Tesla has not ruled out offering a software development kit for the Model S or future cars, but the company won’t say when one might be released or what it could do. “Our focus is challenging the in-house team who truly understands both our product and its potential to create and deliver a stellar owner experience,” Khobi Brooklyn, the company’s director of communications, told me.
Although Tesla’s Model S is probably the most accessible to programmers because of the way it can be controlled via the Internet, most new cars include dozens of computers connected by an internal network. A growing number of cars, especially high-end models, also come with accompanying smartphone apps, while new sensors and automated-driving functionality are introducing ever more complexity and software.
Some tech-savvy car enthusiasts are completely rewriting the software that runs on car computers. The website brings together people interested in modifying the electronic control systems inside cars, mainly to modify engine performance.

i want one!

Bring the Cinema Home
Samsung SUHD TV provides 64 times more color and 2.5 times higher brightness
Cinema-going is among the most popular and accessible leisure activities in the Gulf. In the UAE alone, moviegoers purchase 10 million tickets every year and visit more than 97 screens.[1] The SUHD TV brings the cinema home. Developed with stunning clarity, great sound quality and an immersive curved screen, Samsung’s new flagship TV is a 24-hour theater.
Rich visuals
Visuals come alive on the SUHD TV. Using nano-crystal semiconductor technology, the SUHD TV reproduces the purest colors by expressing 64 times more color and 2.5 times higher brightness. The result is rich hues with life-like quality that viewers from the couch to the Coliseum. The wide spectrum of colors and the incredible clarity of content will take your breath away from the comfort of the living room.
Immersive detail
The SUHD TV’s nano-crystal technology also enables peak illumination and deeper contrast thanks to Samsung’s propriety re-mastering engine. With Precision Black Pro technology, no detail will be missed and every touch of cinematography will be seen. The new cell structure of the SUHD TV's 10-bit panel enables higher light transmission than a conventional UHD TV, without consuming more power. To watch fireworks erupt from the magnificent Burj Khalifa or watching Formula One from box seats in Manama.
Adding life to what you see
The SUHD TV's re-mastering algorithm and UHD up-scaling processing technology deliver enhanced visuals to excite your senses. Samsung has also partnered with Hollywood studio, 20 the Century Fox, and the Fox Innovation Lab, to re-master and optimize content for SUHD, so that even non-UHD videos can be enjoyed with a high-quality visual experience.
Blockbuster Content Anytime
The SUHD TV features the best content straight from the theater, to boot. All Samsung TV customers can view their favorite shows and films in Arabic, English, Hindi, Pashtu and a variety of other languages. Viewers also have access to apps and other entertainment owing to Samsung’s partnerships with local content providers. In addition to giving you access to traditional broadcast programming, the SUHD TV also supports several video-on-demand services, such as Go by OSN and MBC’s SHADID, letting users view nearly anything, whenever they want. That is why Samsung collaborates with providers such as MBC and OSN, and continuously enhances the range of VOD services, games, apps, movies and streaming content for its customers.