Wednesday, April 15, 2015

The Middle East Indie Music Jukebox April 15, 2015

And here we go again with the only place you can listen to independent recording artists from the Middle East LIVE on broadcast radio, thanks of course to the team at!

Every week we sit down with Paul, Adam and Aliaa and give a listen to some new and not so new music from artists many of you may never have listened to.

If you are like me you hear these ME Indie Artists and wonder why you have not been listening to them, oh yes distribution and radio play lists is always the issue.

This week we had 2 instalments of The Empty Corner , a great band and an introduction to an Axe project!

This is what the playlist looked like.

Welcome to the Jungle 2:58
El Moraba 8:54
Ester Eden 9:09
Svengali Intertia 4:04

Paul introduced us to a great opportunity for indie music artists in the region thanks to Axe.

Here is a closer look at the competition.

I love the tune Welcome to the Jungle and the video is growing on me, get to the end it all makes sense!

And of course there is the Empty Corner!

This week we had double the fun and the videos that go with the audio are also great.

1st up was

El Morabba3 – "Al Ra3y" // المربع - الراعي

And then we had a great treat from an artist here in the UAE.

There are always a few surprises.

Esther Eden - "Is This Love?"

And that was a week of music!

Here is the podcast of the entire show.

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