Wednesday, April 15, 2015

The Manners Call-In April 15, 2015

Nightline asked the very simple question, where have all the manners gone?

Of course it is entirely possible that we here on the program live in a bubble and just happen to be living around people with a higher degree of manner degradation.

Probably not the case.

Please and thank you, elevators, meals, mobile phones.... it seems every where we look the manners that we once expected are being eroded.

So is there a solution? 

How are you dealing with manners today?

Hi, one of the mannerism which is fading away is when people RSVP for an event and they just don't show up. This doesn't look a bad manner to so many people. Asra

Global expansion of communication  has changed interpersonal dynamics: etiquette and politeness has suffered

Our twins are 2 & a half & only talking a few months but have to say please, thankyou & sorry to people & each other (the last one quite often!). The way some children talk to their maids is appalling, parents don't seem to care now - whatever nationality they are. Hopefully ours will be different. Hannah

We had some interesting comments on the phone lines.

Our 1st caller, in his mid-50s, also wondered what has changed and maybe it comes down to you and I and how we enforce manners?

We had a doctor call in and share how he has helped educate a patient about manners!

And what happens when professionals have bad manners, loss of friendship?

Here is the complete podcast.

Here is the link to the notes we used for the show.


1. Chewing with your mouth closed
2. Not having your phone at the table
3. Thanking people who have invited you to dinner
4. Not playing on games consoles at the table
5. Waiting for all meals to arrive before starting
6. Using your knife and fork correctly
7. Not clearing up plates while someone is still eating
8. Bringing wine or flowers to a dinner party as a gift to the host
9. Making an effort to make conversation
10. Keeping elbows off the table
11. Asking to leave the table when you've finished
12. Finishing all food before you leave the table

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