Tuesday, April 14, 2015

TechTalk with Nexa April 13, 2015

It is TECHTALK time and that means that Andrew Thomas from DigitalNexa.com joins me to talk about the tech we should have on our minds.

This week we reviewed a Microsoft Surface Pro 3, loved it.

We had a good chat about it.

We also took a nice look at why we all need to go to SXSW.

And in the middle of the mix we looked at 2 new streaming video services that all work off the Twitter platform.

And we had a little chat about the iPhone6 that Andrew just bought.

Here are the show notes and links so you can go and get a look at all the things we spoke about.

And the podcast so you can follow along.



Surface Pro_ 3 3,338 DHS
Windows 8.1
12” HD Screen
1.9GHz Intel Core i5 4300U

Cool Keyboard
Interactive Pen

Is this a computer or laptop? It is a surface!

-Backlit keyboard that clips on as a cover
-nice stand
-I love that it is a full computer!
USB 3 port and Mini Display Port

Runs all my software, audacity

And my son was gaming on it!

It has a great venting system.

I really like this unit and could see using it as my desktop! Attach monitor and keyboard and then travel easy!

Here is another review!

live broadcasting

notes on SXSW
notes on San Diego - big news content content content

Apple Pay everywhere

iphone 6 stories - how did i survive with a small screen -  first use of passbook

april 21st - google mobile

amazon in space

big advert for go pro

apple watch

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