Wednesday, April 15, 2015

DocTalk April 14, 2015

The doctors are in the house and that means we open the phone and sms lines and you do the rest!

Who are the doctors?

Dr Shereen Habib, Well Woman Clinic

Dr Sean Petherbridge Keith Nicholl Medical Centre

This week we had a tremendous number of SMS messages, that we will get to in a moment.

We started the evening with a look at what is hot in the doctors offices this week.

In the Office:

Sinusitis, impetigo, erythema multiforme
Norovirus - winter vomiting bug. We are still seeing it.

We kicked of the evening with the discovery that even the doctors can and do get ill.

And then there was a little chat about worms!

The Podcast!

We did get a number of SMS messages that really formed the basis of the show, here are some of what we received to follow the podcast with.

Hi! Swine flu in  India major concerm - should we in uae b concerned considering the number of people travelling 2 and from  India thanks cathy

Hi guys, pleasure to here you again. Thanks for your valuable advises.
Plse advise, I am attending Gym three times in a week, can I use that Protein powders if I have a Glomironifritis with nefrotic syndrome. If yes plse advise which one

Please tell me your address so I can visit your clinic for consulting treatment for irritable bowel syndrome as i m on probiotics but doesnt helping my anal mucus discharge.

how about my water consumption in my condition? Shall I reduce it or can I take the same big amount?

Good evening guys! Hope you guys are well. My son is 17 and he gets sort of pimples inside eyelids, only in one eye offer. Tried many meds and finally doc said use Optidex-T with antihistamine and to reduce esnophyll. Went away for couple of months and now back. Is Gupisone 5 mg ok to have it inbetween? Many thanks!

Yes had complete colonoscopy but it is not helping me and it is due to fear in public

Hi, I have diabetes and recently I have some back pain. Since 4 days, I feel that my bladder control is weak.Is there any connection to back pain and weaker bladder control? Jaffer

Yeaaay. My favorite show is on again. Could you help me please. I've been having pain in my back side right side.I did urine check to clear the kidney problem which came negative. Which other doctor should I visit. I'm 57 active female

Hi i would like to ask whether protein shakes cause an increase im cholesterol levels especially LDL. Thanks

Hi doctors. I am 25 years old female. I have pimples on my left cheek which get emerge more once in a month. Went to skin specialist but no benefit. I have few ovarian cysts on left side as well. Can there be an interconnection?

you are darlings. Thankyou

Thanks :)

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