Tuesday, April 14, 2015

CarTalk With MotoringME.com from Dubai April 13, 2015

And here we go with another week of car conversation with MotoringME.com.

As always we set out to help people make a more informed decision about the car, truck, micro or mod of choice. If you are a frequent listener to the show you will also know we seldom agree and more often than not we end up on all sides of the imaginary fence.

This week was a lot of fun as we talked Pajero vs Expedition. Price alone might make the Pajero a deal and all the extras that Mitsubishi adds.  But the Ford is a monster that always makes a statement. Don't forget the boys are not such a fan of old tech and window dressing. I think the Ford still has it.

What was a real hoot this week was the 1st impressions of the new Mustang! I took a look in the parking lot and it is a nice machine! And ponies appear vis lights outside the doors! But there is one thing, the engine sounds a little tame!

Here is what MotoringME had to say.

And then there was the question about the show notes.

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Here is the entire podcast of the show.

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