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CarTalk April 20, 2015

The boys from are in the house and that means it is CarTalk time.

We talked about the BMW X6 a nice California and a whole bunch in the middle.

Here is a look at some of the messages sent into the show.

Is honda ever gonna bring bsck the s2000. Marc

Hi guys. You may not remember but I wrote on several occasions about a friend who was rear ended, borderline write off, taking MONTHS to repair?? It happened Oct 14th 2014 and has JUST been returned to her despite her no longer wanting the car. The final straw, after months of problems with the garage, was them TRYING to charge her for the replacement car they gave her while they were fixing the repairs they never fixed right in the first place. She called their bluff on the hire charge and they caved in. QUESTION- are you starting a 'name and shame' forum for awful repair services???? Surely if customers could use your forum as leverage then some cowboy garages might think twice? Or is that just a fantasy thought??? Don

Hey guys!! I have a question. I have a car that's been messing with my mind for some time now and I really want to get it but a bit worried about the age of the car. what do you guys think of the 2009 Audi S8?

I have a wrangler sport and I absolutely love it! 

One problem though: there's no boot space. So I wanted to take out the existing back seat and put in a single seat so that I can have more than two people in the car and have enough boot space. 

Any idea where I can find a single seat?

My wife is a new driver and she wants to buy a hatchback?  How  is mitsubishi mirage? What do you recommend?

The dealership of one the cars I had owned before actually drove the car through salik gates, jumped something and bent the exhaust and gave it to me like nothing happened. Discussing it with dealer made zero difference. Sold it and moved on. Never going back to that dealer.

I am looking to buy BMW 530i 2015 could you please tell me how much no 2 cost and of i wana go for 2013 what is the main differences in term of specification .and what is the price .

Hi guys,

Hyundai tucsan

Or renault capture

I took my Toyota FJ to the garage for a service they told me there was lots of sludge in the engine and that I needed to spend money quite a lot of money to repair this is this nonsense is it likely that I should get this done please advise Omar

Thank guys for the advice. Fully understand. So she now has an immaculate Volvo XC 60. 2010 with 100,000 km on the clock to sell. She wants to be upfront about its crash and repair history, so what might she expect for it?? Don

Hi guys do u know if i can install the rear seats in a Hyundai H1 or in a Toyota Previa facing eachother? Regards Okan

Honda sr 2000 worth it?

Thanks for addressing the question guys. I'll ask around at a few garages and find out how much it'll cost and how long it'll take. At this point, buying a seat and getting some fabrication done will be much cheaper than getting a new 4 door wrangler! 

Hello. I heard on this radio once a website used to value used cars. Could you please give me the website address one more time? I have a 2007 Murano with 125K km, mechanically v. good condition, numerous scratches. Any suggestion on a fair price to sell it at? Many thanks. Ra'id

Hey guys.i have toyota furtuner 2008 i love it and had no problem with my lovely car but i heard from my friends that i should change the spark plug which i never did.may i do that.160000 km.thanx mahnaz

This was a great car description.

Ever driven a SAC

Here it is the podcast!

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