Thursday, March 26, 2015

The Nip and Tuck Call-in March 25, 2015

We asked the very simple question, do you think a little plastic surgery would make you more marketable?

Here is what we used to fuel the conversation.

UK stats



Here is some of what you had to say.

The Hollywoodification of society is horrific. Attaching or injecting synthetics into your body is so sad. Just be happy in the skin you're in, exerciseand eat healthy. Plastic people look silly to everybody but their plastic friends. Joel

How vain are these people? Shallow, superficial sad people. Matt

No one can deny the fact that looks and pleasing personality will certainly have an edge over the aesthetic have-nots, at least until the true inner self shows up. REUBEN.

I m a bold man my hair is gray and my nose nt small but I feel I m great and I dont need to  change and really nice looking coming from behaviour

The Full Podcast.

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