Thursday, March 19, 2015

The ME Indie Jukebox with Triplew.ME

It is time for an hour of the best independently recorded music from the Middle East.

And I say the same thing EVERY WEEK, why is this music not being played over and over on the radio across the Middle East?

This week we had 6 great bands.

Badal Faqed - Halak

The Wanton Bishops howl and stomp - 'Bad Liver and a Broken Heart'

El Dore El Awal - Aa'tareeq
Adonis - Fi Zini Ktir

Chronicles of Khan - Flash Funk

Boikutt - Muraba'at Amniyeh, Muthalathat Sihriyeh, Dawa'er Maliyeh

Of course there is a lot of fun happening as we put the show together.

Again we define genres!


This is how Nightline rolls.

Aliaa wants to end your musical misconceptions.

This is the PODCAST.

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