Thursday, March 26, 2015

The ME Indie Jukebox March 25, 2015

When is in the house expect the unexpected.

This week we have kicking lineup of artists from across the Middle East to play out and a nice new live segment called, from the Empty Corner.

Yes the Empty Corner is found in the offices and they are inviting artists to come in, play a couple of tracks and tell their story.

Here is the lineup for this show.

Mashrou' Leila - 3 minutes - مشروع ليلى - ٣ دقائق 

Abbo - Radio 

Hello Psychaleppo-Beirut 

Z the People - El Far3i Don't Want Your Life - زين الناس مع الفرعي لا أريد حياتك-1

El Morabba3 - Ma Endak Khabar

Here it is the podcast.

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