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TechTalk March 3, 2015

Here we go it is time to talk tech and this week we are shaking the mix up a little bit, you will get that when you listen to the podcast.

Andrew Thomas and I usually have a chat but the baton was passed to Jatin Mava the Director of Operations at DigitalNexa.com because Jatin is Mr. Kickstarter and this evening it is all about the Kick!

Here it is the intro to Jatin!

Here we have a must have set of earplugs!

A must have wearable?


You are going to want to look at each of these toys so here are the links!

Kickstarter the Mega Chat
Items i have bought:
kraftwerk opens up a whole new dimension in freedom and independence when it comes to supplying your mobile electronic devices with energy. Why? Because kraftwerk enables you to generate your own energy using a small, handy device – in such large amounts that you can run your iPhone, tablet, or even your GoPro camera for weeks!
kraftwerk is your very own portable power plant:
  • Amazingly small and highly efficient
  • Completely independent of any power grid or wall outlet
  • Supplies power reliably – anywhere and at any time
  • New and pioneering fuel cell technology
  • An invaluable advantage both in everyday life and even when traveling to the ends of the earth

Glow lights up with vibrant laser technology that pulsates to your favorite music. Use the Glow App to control the laser intensity, so you can go bold or subtle depending on your mood.
Use the intuitive 5-way controller to take full control of your smartphone.
Media Apps: Dedicated buttons for all your music controls (Volume, track, play/pause) that are fully compatible with popular apps such as Spotify, Google Play Music, Pandora and more.
Texts: Listen and quickly respond to texts or messages.
's video poster

  • About this project

  • Sidekick is a companion light for GoPro cameras that provides a wide smooth 600 lumen beam to complement the camera in low light or backlit conditions where a strong fill light can make a huge difference in the quality of the images.
  • The key design drivers are light weight, powerful wide flood beam, and seamless mounting to allow Sidekick to go wherever a GoPro camera goes. To keep it lightweight, Sidekick uses Li-ion rechargeable battery delivering the best power to weight ratio and top of the line Cree XM-L U2 LED. In order to handle the wide range of environments the Sidekick is completely waterproof and can handle pressure up to 200 feet underwater. Charging is external so the user never needs to open or compromise the light’s seal.
  • Variations on Sidekick include the addition of a spot beam for navigation on the Duo model and an accessory mount that allows the light to mount on top of the camera specifically for underwater imaging.
  • So far the response has been incredible:

Somabar is a Wi-Fi connected craft cocktail appliance created specifically for the home kitchen.
AirDog is a small, agile, foldable quadcopter, especially designed for filmmakers and action sports enthusiasts who use GoPro cameras.
Like its canine namesake, AirDog automatically follows you wherever you go, whatever you do. It’s not bothered by pelting rain, freezing temps, massive waves, or freaking insane places. AirDog doesn’t say “no.” It just follows, flying right along.
AirDog is your sidekick, just in case you can’t rent a helicopter plus professional photographer to take a video of your black diamond run. AirDog is your personal training assistant, allowing you to review what you’re doing right, and where you need to improve. AirDog can transport you to views that you never thought possible. AirDog can persuade others to join you in your extremes.
Just strap the AirLeash (tracker device) on your wrist or helmet, and the AirDog is ready to follow you.
Smartphone is only for adjusting advanced settings. GoPro App provides live video stream to your phone.Smartphone is only for adjusting advanced settings. GoPro App provides live video stream to your phone.
Inside, AirDog is really complex technology. But using and controlling AirDog is really simple.

Here’s the basic idea

AirDog follows a signal from the programmable tracker - AirLeash. We could use a smartphone, but you need more precise tracking for actions sports. So we designed AirLeash.
The AirLeash is a small waterproof computerized tracker with clever software and sensors inside. It sends signals to the AirDog, indicating exact movement trajectory.
It may look bulky now, but as soon as we start production it will be half the size and with multiple attachment opportunities (helmet, snow-googles, wrist, bike handle-bar, etc)
AirLeash shown in this picture is current working prototype. It is going to be two times smaller when we launch production.

Now the first prototypes of the Wipebook were made by taping up some good old transparent clear acetate sheets together,sandwiching them with a sheet of lined paper and binding them in a portfolio. This wasn't exactly the best prototypes but it worked. But when we wanted to produce them on a mass scale, we needed to go out and find someone who owned a print shop (had the basic glossing, laminating and binding machines) and would allow us to test various glosses that worked with water soluble and dry erase markers. We searched far and wide, but all the print shops we found would charge us an arm and a leg. That's when Toby (one of our co-founders) brought in one of his close friends Jimmy, who owns a print shop in downtown Ottawa (http://www.allegracarling.com/). As Frank designed the individual pages of the the book, Jimmy was then able to work very closely with us to fine tune the gloss, and produce the first large batches of the original Wipebooks. This is pretty much how the process went :

The origin of CMUK.

I'm Shaun, and at core, I’m a traveler. Whether far from home or in my own city of Chicago, I love to explore my surroundings. I’m often on the go, with a wide range of unique experiences from first thing in the morning straight through into the night.
For years, I’ve been looking for a shoe that would suit this lifestyle. One that could take me wherever my adventures do – from a trail in the rockies to a walk in the park, from a bike ride to a nice dinner, from the beach to a dance club or a bar. A shoe with the same sense of exploration that I have – that I could throw in my bag or suitcase and know I was good to go…
But this shoe didn’t exist. At least not with the versatility, style, and comfort that I needed.
I met Steve, the original designer of CMUK., on the beaches of Melbourne, Australia. He had an amazing idea and an early design for a sneaker that was lightweight and compact, stylish, comfortable, and even machine-washable. I immediately knew this had potential.
Together, Steve and I have worked long and hard to design a shoe that would deliver on four things: style, comfort, quality, and versatility. We set our eyes on a target lifestyle of the active traveler, evolving the shoe to give it a “traveler’s spirit”. We decided to maintain the low-profile outsole for style and versatility, while adapting the insole for comfort. With physician input, we designed the insole to provide metatarsal and arch support to stabilize the foot. Check out the functionality diagram below for more details.
We hope you’ll find CMUKs as incredible as we do!

Introducing CMUK.

CMUK. is Anytime, Anywhere Footwear. It's the lifestyle sneaker that enables you to explore your hometown or the world without having to sacrifice style, ease, or comfort. CMUKs are lightweight, machine washable/quick dry, and available in a range of bold colors.
If you’re active, and looking to Take on Life Feet First, this is the sneaker that is your sidekick all day long.
(By the way, CMUK. is pronounced “smook” … it has an “s” like sneaker, and it rhymes with “look”.)

Why should you support this project?

For those looking for a great pair of shoes, you’ll get early access to a unique and awesome product, at a terrific value.  
But we think many of you are here for more than that – and so are we.
We are deeply committed to the long term success of this brand. We have been working on launching this product for nearly a year, thoroughly testing materials, insoles, and designs, and scrutinizing all aspects of the manufacturing process to ensure quality and safety. We've put samples in the hands of our advocates and skeptics, who have worn them for global travels, and for days, weeks, and even several months straight. Through this, an amazing piece of footwear has evolved.  
We have invested significant personal resources to get to this point and now hope you can help us by 'kickstarting' our first manufacturing run.
We see our backers as long term partners in the creation of our brand. This is a significant milestone in our progress, and we’re excited to have you be a part of it.
We promise to keep you updated on our progress, engage you as part of our community and keep you informed as the earliest backers of our brand.

The bublcam is a 360ยบ camera and software technology that shares everything around you through spherical photos and videos.

Introducing Pine

Smartwatches have been a topic of much interest lately. However, most of the wrist-worn devices on the market right now don't really seem to be living up to the hype. They're usually sold as Bluetooth-tethered accessories for your smartphone; either for fitness tracking or as a sort of notification center. But then you’d have to buy and carry around two devices all the time, which actually means more hassle. That’s not cool. That’s not fun.
That’s why we decided to develop our own smartwatch: the Neptune Pine, the most connected independent smartwatch.
The Pine is the only device you'll ever need. It's really the top of the food chain when it comes to smartwatches, packing more features than any wrist-worn device out there, without the need to keep your smartphone nearby. This is the smartwatch, reinvented.
Here we go with the most compelling list of features for a smartwatch you'll ever see. This is history in the making.

About this project

There are many delicious hot sauces out there and Newcomb's Atomic Hot Sauce is definitely one of them.  However, most hot sauce connoisseurs will agree that the problem with so many hot sauces on the market is that they contain too much vinegar and not enough of the wonderfully unique flavor of the chili pepper itself.  Indeed, much of the competition lists vinegar as the number one ingredient on their labels. Other sauces may be too salty or too hot with no chili pepper flavor in trade for the pain. There are also a number of shortcuts used to save money and time in the bottling process like using frozen or dried chili peppers.  Furthermore, many sauces use fillers and thickeners to “stretch” the quantity of chili peppers in their sauces.

Hi Kickstarter! We are Digital Abstracts – online magazine where we handpick and thoroughly edit our posts to deliver the best in creativity and innovation to the public. Digital Abstracts brings news, current trends, products, professional opinions and interviews, and design insight. We also take our readers behind the scenes with some of the world's best artists and studios.
At the moment we are working on our new project that will bring together the most talented artists in the field of graphic design – the project is called the Playing Arts.

The project

The idea of the project is to create a deck of unique playing poker cards. From the two of clubs to the ace of diamonds, each of 54 participants has illustrated a single card in their own individual style and technique.

Cards Against Humanity is a free party game for horrible people.
Unlike most of the party games you've played before, Cards Against Humanity is as despicable and awkward as you and your friends.
The game is simple. Each round, one player asks a question from a Black Card, and everyone else answers with their funniest White Card.
To learn more and see the cards, visit http://www.CardsAgainstHumanity.com.

What's in The Box?

If you pre-order the game on Kickstarter, you'll get the core set of cards as well as 20 exclusive Black Cards and 20 exclusive White Cards written just for our Kickstarter backers.
The cards are 2"x3.5", professionally printed and digitally cut so they're easy to use.
Each set contains 500 cards - 80 Black Cards and 420 White Cards.

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