Wednesday, March 25, 2015

GetFitRadio March 24, 2015

Zelda Higgins, the recreation coordinator at Zayed University joins me every week to help keep us fit and on track with our fitness plans.

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We began the conversation with Mr. Higgins rocking his 80s wear!

We ended up tossing the condiments!

The full podcast!

The notes from the show with links!

-Mr. Higgins Update
-The kids any buy in?
-new in the gym

  1. Sugar any ideas on how to beat it?
  2. simple healthy kitchen cooking idea

  1. a 5 minute butt workout, really?
  1. Pilates why are we doing this type of exercise? Is it a fad?
  2. And it is all about the thighs! Slimming exercises?

6 ways to improve muscle strength!

stretches and exercise to help with digestion?

how to get a spouse to exercise!

The Scientific 7 minute workout using body weight

Do all these health apps work?

train to be a fitness instructor hints?

5 fitness pitfalls!

workout ideas

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