Wednesday, March 18, 2015

GetFitRadio March 17, 2015

Zelda Higgins, the recreation coordinator at Zayed University, joins me to talk about your fitness.

This week we have a special guest, Maitha Ahmed, joining us to talk about how she went from obese to fit!

A listen to some of what we got up to.

This is the short and sweet about motivation.

Some say no to the raw diet!

A little spandex update.

One of the most interesting parts of the show this week was Maitha talking about how she lost 75KG and kept it off!

Maitha's weight loss and fitness story.

The entire podcast.

And here are the show notes with some good links to keep you reading for a while.

-lost a lot of weight
-what made you decide you had to lose weight
-how did you start?
-what have others said? masayeel
-now you are helping others!
-what is next


  1. What motivated a student to lose weight and help others

2. we seem to always relate exercise to weight loss, does that get under your skin a bit?

4. a cool way to get moving and rewarded!

5. best piece of fitness advice you have given this week.

6. 5 exercises to steal from XGames athletes!

7. Exercise IQ

8. how to avoid fitness mistakes

9. food tip of the day, something we can make easy?

10. 2 weeks after detoxs for mr higgins the update?

11. workout question

I feel as if my chest doesn't actually do any work when I'm working my chest. I usually do DB Bench and some form of flyes with cable. But in both cases I can pretty much only feel my shoulders and triceps working. Its rarely sore the day after too. I'd say my chest is bigger and stronger (pushups when I was younger) than my tris and delts so is this a case of them being the weakest link and taking brunt of the work?

12. Deadlifting! Why benefit

Every time im in the gym i want to deaift, even if its not a dl day. And then if im with my buddy he always wants to challenge and its sooo hard to say no sometimes!

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