Wednesday, March 11, 2015

GetFitRadio March 10, 2015

Zelda is in the house and we are talking fitness.

This is an interesting week because Zelda,, is not feeling well at all but still pulls through.

Here is a listen to some of what we got up to.

Coping with being sick and exercise.

The sissy pushup debate.

Here is the podcast.

And if you want to get a look at what we were working from here you go.

-2 items to cook with
-playlist for the gym
-men and women do we need to think differently about fitness
-we talked avacodo as a chocolate substitute how about this?
-what is core strength?
-in the gym anything new?
-is there a perfect workout?
-tai chi looks silly! Is it?

-What about ultra marathons? Seems a bit too much but maybe I am not the athlete?

-how do you deal with obsession in the gym?

-creating an effective weight loss lifestyle plan!

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