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Drone or No Drone Call-in March 18,2015

The question we posed on this show was very simple, regulate/ban recreational drones or leave them alone?

We had a lot of interaction on the topic.

Here are the show notes.

Here is what you had to say.

Jatin Mava talks about his drone and more.

A corporate drone user gets involved.

Thoughts from an airport employee.

The Podcast!

Here is a look at the SMS messages!

Like many activities, drone use will peter out and plateau. Boring after a while. This is a non-issue. Remember cell phone camera fears!

What's the name of Jack's drone and how much is it?! It would be awesome to have a camera following me while I go jogging!!


Drones (& I am not talking about those you can buy from Virgin) have to be piloted by responsible people, they aren't just toys. Drone use should be regulated, otherwise it's only a matter of time before we all start waking up with drones buzzing outside. Not to mention the rise of "Peeping Toms" via drones and drone cameras harassing females and peeping through windows. There need to be regulations and drone registration. What's going to be done with the footage shot by the drone? I don't think anyone (sans Kim Kardashian-types maybe) wants footage of them changing clothes or putting on make up or just wandering around the house, to end up online. Also, I don't want to walk on the beach or anywhere outside and suddenly have a drone bonk my head or worsebecause some kid who has no idea about responsibility thinks it's funny to do that. There are areas where drones can be flown around Dubai, should be restricted to those areas. Otherwise the drone operator needs to get permission to fly their drone in specific areas for specific purposes and this has to be followed to a t, otherwise the operator should be fined heavily. 

Do we need to wait until something bad happens to stop drones? Do we need to wait until a drone flies into airspace and takes down a passenger airplane and THEN people will start calling for regulations ?   Thankfully Dubai airport has acted quickly to rectify and ensure the drone that flew into airspacedidn't cause any damage in January. They still haven't found who  the drone belonged to, so the guy got away with it scot free. Good thing the authorities are acting on this now to prevent any future misuse that can lead to devastating results. 


Yes they are a menace and must be regulated properly.

drones... Yes they r an issue and yet another case of the law always trying to keep up with the speed of technology. They should never hve sold drones until they had put legislation in place.

It's a bit like Facebook twitter and now the law is catching up to control what people do and say on social takes time for the law to realiseand catchup with technology...

Also they are flying projectiles!! 
Dangerous and not essential for the purpose of having fun!

People can get involved in other non dangerous or intrusive hobbies!

Anybody who thinks drones are 'just a toy' doesn't understand the full scope of what they are capable of. Drones with recoding or communication devices installed should require licencing. James

Be logical... Just because someone can use a device to violate privacy doesn't mean you ban the device. Instead, you make it illegal to violate privacy,by whatever the method (if that is the objective). Same logic applies to any situation. Would you ban cars because you don't want people speeding? Sheesh! 

I think drones should be allowed  to be bought and used as they are a useful tool. But I also want to add that drones should be regulated. Some areas should be allocated around the city to facilitate the hobby enthusiasts. All drones must be licensed tracking down the owner should be easy for the authorities. I would say selling drones should be age restricted to reduce the amount of irresponsible owners. Drones should be used at major events but only drones which are licensed and approved by the authorities. Aadil Amir

Of course regulation isn't easy, shooting them down is a start though. Sadly I don't think we will have police roaming the country with rifles ready to shoot them down outside of huge events. It's a start though as huge events usually would attract curious folks with drones & a camera. 

The drones that are toys are the ones sold at Virgin, they can't do much harm compared to the heavy weight drones that can cause far more damage.
I've toyed with and reviewed a Parrot Jumping Sumo drone, it's loads of fun. And can't do much harm compared to the heavy weight ones that can cost thousands of dirhams to buy. (And yes, one of those heavy weight drones CAN take down a passenger aircraft depending on several factors) 


Please remind people that radio controlled planes have been around for decades!!?

We have to enjoy smart technology

Let's ban baseball and tennis too. Both involve projectiles that can be dangerous... LOL

Drone sales should be regulated like firearms sale in the West. A complete background check of the person buying the drone should be done. There should be license for these drones like vehicles which can be renewed. This will make sure that the person can be held accountable in case of violations l.

If you've seen the latest episode of Modern Family where there was guy hovering over Sofia Vergara, you'll see that there's definitely a need for regulation. Sanjana

*drone hovering over Sofia V

It's a mix of regulation & education as well as licensing. You can't drive vehicles and certain types of vehicles without education and licensing. Bigger drones are no different. 

ß Anastasia 
(p.s. Apologies for typing so much at you today. I missed listening to the show!)

Let's regulate kites, too

The commercial drone by my partner is insured for 3M Euros per collision. Each drone 'engineer' needs to have 54 hours of flying time before they're allowed by the insurance company to work the drone. So some regulations exist.

Shoot them down!?! Then they come crashing down into a crowd. What happens to the bullets that come back down to earth... and hit somebody. Are they serious?!?!

Droe shoud be allowed in designated area

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