Wednesday, March 04, 2015

Childhood Hero Call-in March 4, 2015

Simple question, who were your childhood heroes?

We had some great responses to the question.

The 1st Caller of the show.

Our second caller and Mohammed is a 1st time caller.

The podcast.

And here is some of  what you said via the SMS.

I can't think of a single prominent person that is a good role model for someone over the age of 30 . The closest is probably Eaon Musk . Mario

Define hero

So not necessarily heroic actions 

Construction laborers. Fire men

Persons. Sorry

Medicines sans frontier 

Elon musk = iron man
Real story

In my view Mr Rogers exhibited some of the greatest traits I could be found in human beings and as he always loved you for who you are

James one more note I grew up in Canada and remembered the Polka Dot door and shows like take part

james is that why u dress up in the hawaian shirts

My childhood hero: RoboCop. Had all the tech built into him. Caused me to actually begged my dad to change me into a cyborg (always believed my dad could do anything!). But my dad declined saying that I was just perfect being  a human - Adnan.

My late father has been my hero since my childhood and this belief is getting stronger since I am getting older. I think parents have responsibilityto tell children who the real heroes are.

Macguyver was a DIY SUPER HERO

And Godzilla is female 

Hey guys! Great topic today! I grew up idolizing chandler from friends! Am I weird?  - Fahad 

Abraham Lincoln. The story of his perseverance, leadership and character has been a source of inspiration ever since I read the story at age 13. And hey, he abolished slavery after going through a lot. No, Of course I haven't met him. :) - Jazarine

My grandmother used to record Astroboy in the 80s. Astroboy taught me that brains can beat Braun, and if you have the chance you must watch the episode titled the greatest robot in the world. It also teaches some important lessons about the responsibility that comes with having power. 
As for the spice girls, it's a bit far fetched...

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