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CarTalk March 23, 2015

The boys from join Nightline every week to talk cars and here they go again!

We start off with a HEMI poll!

Then we got to the must have MUSTANG!

The Podcast in full!

Here is what we set out to talk about!

Driving what?

Rolls did you get to this?
12 March 2015, Dubai, United Arab Emirates
·      Inside Rolls-Royce’ live exhibition visits Dubai on global tour
·      First public exhibition in the marque’s history to open from 19-23 March at The Beach, JBR
Anticipation is building as Rolls-Royce Motor Cars’ Inside Rolls-Royce exhibition makes its final preparations for the start of the tour in the Middle East. The marque’s first interactive public exhibition allows visitors to experience a multi-sensory journey through the company’s world-renowned engineering, design and craftsmanship, providing new levels of insight into the remarkable lengths required to create the world’s pinnacle super-luxury motor car.
Hosted for the first time in this region, the exhibition will open its doors to the public on Thursday 19 March, 4pm at The Beach, JBR and will run until Monday 23 March.  From Friday 20 March, the exhibition will be open daily, between 10am and 10pm.
Following recent successes in both London and Berlin, the exhibition will allow guests to sample Rolls-Royce’s consummate luxury and will showcase the enormous scope for individualisation afforded to every Rolls-Royce customer through the marque’s pinnacle Bespoke Design programme.  Guests will even be presented with the opportunity to commission their very own Bespoke Rolls-Royce via an iPad configurator.  
The exhibition will take place over eight rooms, each focusing on one key aspect in the creation of a Rolls-Royce motor car.  A room showcasing colour will bring Rolls-Royce’s palette of 44,000 paint hues to life through an innovative digital display, whilst the sheer beauty of the natural wood used in each motor car, sourced from all over the world, will be displayed in a tactile environment dedicated to the material. Expert craftspeople from the Home of Rolls-Royce, in Goodwood, England, will demonstrate the skills required to create the ‘Best Cars in the World.’
An exhibition highlight will see the Spirit of Ecstasy take centre stage, providing visitors with the opportunity to ‘become the spirit’, briefly transforming themselves into the iconic statuette that embellishes every Rolls-Royce motor car.  A video wall will capture and emulate the movements of each guest through motion-capture technology.
Further rooms will examine the illustrious marque’s renowned use of the finest leathers and the cutting-edge technology that adorns every Rolls-Royce motor car.  Finally, an area designed to inspire the future generation of automotive designers will be a showcased in a dedicated children’s room.
The experience can be brought to life on visitors’ smartphones and tablets using the Inside
Rolls-Royce app that has been specifically designed to accompany the exhibition, available to download from Apple iTunes and Google Play app stores.
Visitors can take part in the global conversation by posting about their experience on social media and hashtagging #InsideRollsRoyce.

New Speed cameras
Overtake on the hard shoulder and this camera will nab you in Dubai. You've been warned

Steve Saleen started modifying Ford Mustangs in 1984, and 31 years later, he unveils his crowning achievement. This is the Saleen 302 Black Label—the new range-topping Mustang in the longtime tuner and racer's vehicle lineup.
Saleen's new bodywork featuring multiple carbon-fiber components ensures that it won't be mistaken for a stock ponycar, and it adds over 1.5 inches in front and over 2 inches in back. The result is improved downforce. Underhood, a twin-screw blower ups the 5.0 V8's muscle to a whopping 730 hp and 600 lb-ft of torque.
Chassis upgrades consist of new Saleen springs, shocks, swaybars, and bushings. Saleen-designed 20-inch wheels are wrapped in 275/35R20 rubber up front and 275/40R20 in the rear. New 15-inch brake rotors add needed stopping power.

When Acura charged Michelle Christensen with designing the exterior of the 2016 Acura NSX—the resurrection of the game-changing supercar and the brand’s halo car—she turned her gaze to nature for inspiration. “When I was younger I drew people and animals and trees,” she says. “Even in car design, though it’s mechanical, you can draw from natural things. I’m always inspired by nature, architecture, and fashion.”
Early on, Christensen had the two prerequisites necessary to become a successful automotive designer: She loved cars and could do considerable damage with her favorite tool, the number 2 pencil. As a young girl in San Jose, California, Christensen worked on classic cars with her father. “Northern California has a heavy muscle-car and hot-rod culture. I grew up around muscle cars and hot rods.” She studied the bounty in her dad’s garage. “He was a Mopar guy,” she recalls. He cycled through a Plymouth GTX, a Dodge Super Bee, and a Dodge Dart. “When I was 11 or 12 he got into hot rods and he bought a ’32 roadster.” Christensen was immersed in the classic-car scene and found her personal favorite: “My favorite car is the ’67 Chevelle. It’s simple, beautiful, and timeless.”

Ford Focus RS

Debuting at the Geneva Motor Show, the all new Ford Focus RS provides drivers with thrilling performance and unbridled driving enjoyment. Featuring brand new technological performance advancements like the selectable drive modes: launch control and drift mode, the Ford Focus RS is a serious machine that sets new benchmarks for driving exhilaration. The engine is a 2.3-litre EcoBoost engine delivering in excess of 320 PS which allows for a smooth, but powerful ride. This brand new addition to the Focus line introduces a brand new era of Ford Performance. - See more at:

Is the civic getting gutsy?

The 2015 Civic Type R is Honda Motor Co.’s first turbocharged vehicle in awhile, but it turns out the hot hatchback is only the tip of the spear.
The brand is planning to build a wave of VTEC Turbo four-cylinders in 2015, some of which will come to the U.S. and all of which will be produced at the automaker’s plant in Anna, Ohio.
Automotive News reports that the next-generation, non-Type R Civic will equip one of those powerplants in the form of a 1.5-liter turbo. This mission here is fuel economy, not performance, but there will be advantages in power as well.
“Downsized turbocharging will be the base, even for the Civic,” said Yoshiharu Yamamoto, the brands R&D chief. The 1.5-liter will deliver the horsepower of a naturally aspirated 2.4-liter engine, he said, but with better torque and fuel economy.

Hyundai i10 such small tires!

Yaris hmmm do they get any respect?

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