Tuesday, March 17, 2015

CarTalk March 16, 2015

The boys from MotoringME.com join me in the studio to talk cars and pretty much anything that comes to mind.

Some of what we got up to.

The man hates sand?

Sand or road?

Jag vs Jeep?

Why not listen to the podcast?

Here is a look at what you had to say.

  • 3/16/2015 9:29:07 PM 971566512650 [From: Shijil Hashim] I'm with Shahzad. I prefer nice twisty tarmac to off road sandy mess 
M planning to buy one for offroad: M. Benz G320/V6 on SWB /1999, HOW IS FOR OFFROAD?

Dunes are fun for 30 minutes, but roads are fun forever

I have a merc glk 280 , 2009 model , What will be the resale value .  I want to buy a 7seater japnese SUV under  200 k -any suggestions ? - Yogesh

Marco -  As an all rounder, what 4x4 can top the Land Rover?

Hi team! Have you checked out the "old style" toyota landcruiser 2 door , looks a bit like a hardtop tj wrangler? B rgds ian (skoda guy)

Swb g320 is much expensive than LWB

Dr. I'd like to know your guests opinion in a ford raptor coz I'm about to get one

Wat about an old jeep for 40000 AED, these are usually like ten yrs old, is that still ok to drive , I mean will it break down?

Hi guys, fab show. I'm looking to get the 2015 pajero 3.5. What are your thoughts about the car. Also, it's there major differences between the 3.5 and the 3.8?? Thanks. Dino

What is he best 4x4 you can get for 40,000 AED ?  Shane

Yo man, I want to turn my exhaust into flamethrowers , what do you think about that?

Marco - Another question, im planning on buying the BMW M5, but don't know which model to get. Your thoughts on the 2010 model (V10) and the new one (V8 turbo).

Any impressions on the captur? Looks like a good value for what it is. Or would a juke be better? 

Dr. Id like to know your guests opinion in the ford raptor  

 And here are the talking notes!

What are you driving?

-managed a new wrangler sahara sport for a day OffRoad-ZOne and Carlos

-Sonata thoughts? Was to drive but had to cancel

-Jeep Grand Cherokee sounded better than the jag Ftype it was behind today

-see the renegade on your facebook site

-MG3! Thoughts

The brand new MG3, a British supermini having created an 80-year legend, is unveiled in 2011.

A British style supermini,A British supermini adored by royalty,A British supermini with an 80 year history,A British supermini subject to 80 years of constant innovation and reformation,A British supermini treasured by David Beckham, Kate Moss and other fashion pioneers,A British supermini dreamed of by several generations,The brand new MG 3, a British supermini having created an 80-year legend, is unveiled in 2011.

ManoeuvrabilityPerfect manoeuvtability means a pleasant driving experience.

  • 80 Kw ultra-high efficient 1.5 L VTi multi-angle continuous variable timing engine.
  • Ultra-smooth high-performance e-Shift gearbox.
  • Combined fuel consumption/100 km: 6.6 L (1.5 L VTi engine).
  • 0-100 km/h acceleration time: 11.5 secs only.
  • High-precision suspension design (Front McPherson strut/rear H-shaped twist-beam).
  • Intelligent speed-sensitive power-assisted steering system.
  • 185/65 R15 muted low-rolling resistance wide-base tire.
-suzuki ciaz less than 46,000!

-ford raptor vs ram raid?


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