Thursday, February 26, 2015

The ME Indie Jukebox with

Every week Nightline goes from a talk show to the regions premier independent recording artist music show.

Triplew.ME brings in a bag of music and we play and chat about what we are hearing!.

Honestly there isn't a better music show int he Middle East, but I am biased this is my show.

So you be the judge.

Here is a bit of what we spoke about.

Some might say we live the dream or I live in the dream.

The anatomy of a song.

All good songs want you to play air guitar.

Here is the lineup for the show.

El Genina - Zaed Naes ft. Maii Waleed

Noush Likes Sploosh
Lonley at night
There is something wrong with this picture


Warda - Betwannis Bik (Who Killed Bruce Lee cover)

O Grey - Tanjaret Daght

And here is the podcast in full.

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