Thursday, February 19, 2015

The ME Indie Jukebox February 18, 2015

it is that time of the week when we cuddle up to the jukebox and get ready to listen to what the folks from Triplew.ME have pulled out of the vault!

As always the show is full of insight.

The talk of genres continues.

Is it possible that Nickleback has listened to this music and been inspired? Adam has a different take on the Nickleback reference.

And there is another genre added!

Here is the entire program to share!

So here is what you are listening to!

Hayajan Ween El-Kalam-
Fables of Cantt - Wait-

Kazamada Mish mohem -

Lazzy Lung - Sex and Pirates-
Sahra Band - Helly El-Bab-

Near Surface - Now You're Here-

Akher Zapheer - Arba3 Sneen -

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