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Recycling Call-in February 11, 2015

Question time on Nightline is a guaranteed moment when your blood can boil and you can feel at ease all on the same moment.

This episode was all about recycling and why we don't seem to take it seriously.

Elie Bingham joined me as we took a dive into the question.

Here is what we were reading before the show.

How do you deal with food wastage?
Do you recycle?


Here is what some of you said to us via the SMS line.

Sharjah is well structured with the recycling. Separator bins are in all over sharjah. Na'im

The government needs to take the first step. Living in Sweden, we had different color bins for foodwaste, paper, glass, plastic, metal. Most foodwaste wad turned into biofuel for busses, burnable materials burnt to heat houses. If its there, people will use it.

Hi! Shame but most People in uae are generally lazy when it comes 2 recycling -mall opposite  Mushrif park provide recycling facilities both inside and outside mall! Thanks cathy

We get lazy in keeping a good recycling disposal practice because we believe that all trash is "sorted" again at the processing facilties. What is realybad is disposing of batteries & all the Gum & Cigarette buts on the streets. Plz dispose them in the trash. Marwan (Dubai)

Hi! I moved 2 Abu  Dhabi from  Dubai unable 2 locate any reliable recycling locations - help! Jane

Great show but it's probably not wise to admit to cohabiting on air. Remember it's illegal.

There is simply no awareness for re-cycling. I always thought they will segregate the garage.
Tabish Khan - Silicon Oasis

Back home Ethiopia all soft drinks are in bottles and you have to deposit to return back the bottle. 

Hi I don't why products are packed in small packages if we put a big containers of water and water companies refilling it every day would give 20 million bottles saved from manufacturing and we reduced the chances of getting carbon footprint also some drinks should use glass bottle and should allow the customer drink and return it back to refill it. Just a thought.

Hi Guys, thanks for really valuable topic. I think Dubai Municipality must do it mandatory for all buildings owners to have next to the building a Recycle Bins. This will help to make it right way and will create a good habit among all residence to recycle.
Thanks Rustam

What's your phone number?  Thanks

The big challange now is to invent good Bio-degradable packaging! Plastic bags made of "Cornstarch" biodegrade in the sun, are a great start! Are they being used anywhere here, I wonder?

One suggestion within the existing system is to use different colour bags to throw ur garbage in the building shoot. The guys picking up should know what type of material would be in that colour bag and hence can send for the correct recycling facilities. Uzzam

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