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New Employee Expectations Call-in February 4, 2015

It is question time on Nightline and Lara joined me as we pondered the real and imaginary expectations of new grads and the work world.

We wondered if new grads had expectations that were out of line with reality?

Here is a look at the notes we were working from, a few good links.

UAE nationals

Are employer expectations too high?

This is the conversation with out 1st caller. 

A second caller on employees new to a job.

A 3rd caller talking what we want to hear!

Here is the PODCAST.

We had some interesting responses via the SMS line.

Do you think in the post recession era most of the companies in the UAE, and Middle East in generally, simply have little or no space for the fresh graduates? I see graduates esp. Emiratis coming out of the unis but most of the them end up working for their parents.

Possible solution: meaningful unpaid learnerships (internships) to taste real world work environments part time while studying uni degrees to take the shock out of the transition from academics to real world. (Tim Holmes in Ajman)

Most international companies in the uAe simply have no graduate training program in place even though these companies might have graduate training schemes in the country they are from. These companies bring their names but simply don't bring all the benefits that people would normally associate with them. Noman

Employers and learning providers have to get serious about vocation focused L&D (learning and development) and clear career management. E.g. UK companies typically spend 3% of turnover on L&D (3.75% in Europe) and it maybe isn't reaching far enough. (Tim Holmes in Ajman)

Clearer communication from employers on what competencies (person spec) and technical expertise are needed to progress to your seniors' positions. That way you can see where your shortfall is and what you need to climb the ladder. (HR Manager)

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