Tuesday, February 10, 2015

CarTalk February 9, 2015

You know you are going to end up in the showroom of a car dealer when you have finished listening to the boys from Motoringme.com.

And this week it was a crazy ride on the show!

You have to go to Facebook and take a look at what these guys were driving and where.

And if I am not mistaken they may have scooped Audi!

Here is the entire podcast of the show!

Of course we did start the night with a plan!

I hope we can pick some of this up next week.

What are you driving

The Avalon and the Audi A7 and the have a similar look from the back!
CC who buys it?

FJ Street edition WHY?

The Bolt YEA but here?

Corrola is a mid-size car?

Check this Honda out!

Time to get a defender?

We seldom mention seat

Here is a look at some of the SMS traffic.

Nothing beats a Maserati   Quattroporte GTS becauae it is the beauty and the beast in one. Sophisticated yet angry! Magnus
James. Get your eyes checked. Trevor Hill

I just came back from Japan, I've seen cars in Megaweb (toyota exhibition center) that made me drool (although not a fan of toyota)

2016 Ford Focus RS. Your thoughts?

Hi guys, is there a tie up between subaru and toyota? The new avalon does it look like the subaru impreza hatch? B rgds ian (skoda guy)

What new A8. Never heard of it! Trevor:D

R8 sorry!

Hi gents great show. I have a Quick question what is the best sedan you guys suggest for 300,000 AED. I have done my research and I liked Maserati ghibili. I will really appreciate if you guys can help me.
Thank you

Thank you guys.. I'll surely try the hellcat.. The ghibili has the Ferrari engine.

Homologation? Unfortunately only few do a proper global car, surprisingly the GTR. I remember daring someone that a right-hand drive R35 GTR V-spec has warning labels written in japanese, engliah and arabic. And I won the bet. So it really depends on the manufacturer and then the dealer. Like Honda.. Will never get the Civic type R nor the new NSX.  

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