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Cartalk February 24, 2015

And here we go for round 2 of CarTalk with and it was live from the Tennis Stadium in Dubai.

Here is a little listen to some of the fun we got up to.

First we have the field of electric dreams!

We had a little chat about the life of a journalist.

And a chat about the NX!

Here is the podcast of the entire show.

Here is a look at what we set out to speak about!

DEWA launching its 1st electric car charging station tomorrow 10am!
Road A-Peel: Upside-Down Car Clings to Curling Street
Article by Steph, filed under Installation & Sound in the Art category.
hanging car 6
An upside-down, cherry-red car clings improbably to a slice of a concrete parking lot as it curls up over itself in this gravity-defying installation by British artist Alex Chinneck. Hanging in mid-air with no visible supports, ‘Pick yourself up and pull yourself together’ is a collaboration with Vauxhall Motors located just outside London’s Southbank Centre.

FB- what is new in the Toureg this year?
February 16, 2015

Cheeky looks, lots of space and prices from AED57,900 – what do we think?

By Shahzad Sheikh
2015 Renault Captur Review
I thought Renault was giving me the mighty fob off, when I went to collect this test car, by showing me to a taxi instead! But no, despite its Dubai-Taxi style colours, this was my test car – the brand new Captur.
That should have put me off as I didn’t want to keep getting flagged down at every corner, nor was I particularly enamoured by the engine spec, but there’s more to this car than first acquaintance would suggest, and at a starting price of just AED57,900 – it’s at least worth a closer look.
2015 Renault Captur Review
It’s a front-wheel drive crossover five-door hatchback on stilts based on the same platform as the Nissan Juke, however whilst the Juke starts at AED66k, this three-model Captur range tops out at around AED68k for the LE.
Erratum: In the video I mention that this is the entry level model, it isn’t. The featured car is the mid-level SE model priced at AED62,900.
You don’t have to have it in these colours, you don’t even have to have it in two-tones (that’s an option on the middle grade SE – as tested here – and standard on the LE). But I’d have it, as it certainly gives the looks a stand-out feature and emphasises the pert stance, pinched waistline, curvaceous hips and perky style of this petit French belle.
Nobody actually did try to stop me as a taxi, perhaps they recognised that it was just too exquisite to be a cab, but a couple of people did stop me just to find out more about the car. So clearly a head-turner and don’t worry there are plenty of other decent colour combos to choose from. I particularly like the Arizona Orange with the Diamond Black roof.
2015 Renault Captur Review
Oh I’d say, at least when it comes to fish-net like upholstery and zippers to peel it all off! In fact from the SE model you get removable upholstery which can be washed, and keep additional sets of seat covers to colour-coordinate with your outfit if you wish!
Big, clean and bold, is otherwise the sort of theme on the inside. An intriguing instrument panel merges traditional dials with a stylised digi-numerical speedometer, and a large central pod which, along with the air vents, is outlined in the exterior roof colour for added attraction. No large touch-screen on our car (you get that on the LE), but everything was straightforward and easy to work with good Bluetooth.
2015 Renault Captur Review
The glovebox is actually dubbed an ‘Easy Life Drawer’ and when you slide it open it’s easy to understand why as it has an 11-litre carrying capacity. There are more trays and compartments on the dashboard top and in the centre console including a large removable bin for rear passengers – so all very handy.
Taking of rear passengers, even with the front seat set for my 6-foot plus frame, sitting in the rather upright rear was no issue at all for head or leg/knee room. Plus you can slide the rear bench back and forth. Split folding rear seats make the luggage compartment pretty accommodating too, and it has a false floor that can be remove for even more space.
2015 Renault Captur Review
Back to the front of the car and it feels very welcoming, with good visibility. Underneath the bonnet lies a 1.2-litre putting out 120bhp – that’ll eventually get it to a top speed of 190kph whilst passing 100kph 10.9 seconds after starting off. However this thing only weighs 1180kg, so performance is astonishingly spirited, and it’s aided by… no not another one of those Nissan-Renault family CVT gearboxes, but a handy six-speed dual-clutch auto.
It isn’t the most sprightly off the line, but once it’s moving, it picks up momentum rapidly enough to keep up with the cut and thrust of Dubai traffic. It also handles well with decent reponse, restrained understeer, good grip and surprising poise despite its upright stance. It’s let down only by a choppy and unsettled ride and brakes that could be more progressive and linear.
2015 Renault Captur Review
The value and fun factor of the new Captur simply can’t be denied. It’s spacious, practical, reasonably peppy, satisfying to chuck around town, very economical, offers standout looks and an inviting cabin.
There’s very little not to like, and at the money, most arguments against it go straight out the sunroof. Those looking to trade up from the Renault Duster look no further, and those heading the Kia/Hyundai showroom should take a detour to Renault – this is well worth a look.
2015 Renault Captur Review
PE: AED57,900 ($15,764)
SE: AED62,900 ($17,125)
LE: AED67,900 ($18,486)
Engine: 1.2-litre Turbo 4-cylinder, 120bhp @ 4900rpm, 140lb ft @ 2000rpm
Transmission: 6-speed dual clutch automatic
Performance: 0-100kph 10.9 seconds, Top Speed 190kph, 5.4L/100km
Weight: 1180kg

Geneva Auto Show:

Renault Kadjar
Bouyed by the Renault Captur (which we’ve just reviewed here) the French car maker will reveal its bigger brother, the Kadjar.
It is based on the Nissan X-Trail platform and will come with 4×4. It will be made in Spain and in China (the first Renault to be built there) and we’re probably going to get the Chinese versions when it arrives in our region, probably later this year.

McLaren P1 GTR
Limited production version of the track-dedicated McLaren P1 GTR with nearly 1000bhp will be shown at Geneva. Presented in famed Mclaren Le Mans colours from 20 years ago, is wider, lower and lighter, with race aero giving it 660kg of downforce at 250kph.
The twin turbo 3.8-litre V8 produces 789bhp and teh electric motor adds 197bhp.

Love the Land Rover Valentines day ad!/restoration!

loving the beetle 2014

Really want a Caddy as a family car

Chery E8 45900 Al Habtoor!
Chery p2 pickup has a crazy good looking front end

Evoque Cabrio! Love the idea

A Crazy Soul!

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