Tuesday, February 03, 2015

CarTalk February 2, 2015

MotoringME.com is in the house and sellanycar.com also joined us this week to talk cars!

We kicked off the show asking people to tell us wha they hate driving! As you would expect there were few takers for that topic.

Mr. Saygin Yalcin the CEO of www.sellanycar.com joined us in the studio and we got to ask how the 30 minute sell any car concept worked.

You must be curious how this evening devolved? Here it is the podcast.

Here is a look at some of the SMS traffic.

I drive a VW toureg v6 2010. When accelerating there is the usual rev of the engine but sometimes there is a flapping sound like there is a loose flap on the exhaust but it's coming from the engine! The dealer said it's a normal sound and happens when the engine is older. Has anyone else noticed this??

These guys offered me 140 for my range rover.  Just sold it fir 208. Michael

Hi guys, I am driving a Honda Accord coupe and it's been more than 4 years old and clocked 150,000km. Now thinking about going for a new one, probably new coupe. Any suggestions guys? Thanks

Bradley - Is it possible to import a right - hand drive car into the UAE?

This is because I'd like to get the British version of the Evo 9 - Bradley

Hi guys,

Just tuned in now. Quick question. My friend was selling his car 2 months ago and sellanycar's online quote was almost AED 10,000 less than auto mall or Nissan certified cars quoted. How would this justify, if there is any added benefits that you offer?


What is the best 2 seater convertible, 2nd hand for around 100K. Thanks Nicola

Hi guys,

Tuned in a while ago. Quick question. My friend was selling his top spec 2013 Altima 2 months ago and sellanycar's quote was almost AED 10,000 less than the quotes from Auto mall or Nissan certified cars. How is this justified?


Thinking of a pick up truck  whats ram or silverado or gmc which one is good

Actually i had a ford truck in canada and i want something different moe

Hi what do you recommend between an accord, Camry or Altima ? Is the build quality of the Altima as good as the other 2 ? I'm inclined to go for the Altima, but not sure

And we always have show notes this is what was on the list to talk about.

Italian luxury car manufacturer Maserati reports a 155 percent increase in 2014 sales in the Middle East and Africa region (MEA) compared to the same period in the previous year. The growth was driven by the launch of the new Ghibli, Maserati’s first four-door sports executive sedan, as well as the Quattroporte, the brand’s flagship model, which received a new 330hp engine. The Ghibli accounted for just over half of retail sales in the region.

1st February, 2015 – Dubai, UAE – Infiniti Middle East has today announced the launch of ‘Chromatic’, an audio composition and animation made entirely from the sounds and shapes of the Infiniti range. Both video and track are set to be distributed globally by Universal Music Group.

Please find attached the press release in Arabic and English for full details, or if you require any further information, please don't hesitate to get in touch.

You can watch the 'Chromatic' music video by clicking on the below YouTube link:

MX-5 Miata specs

Jeep renegade configurator

2016 Maxima NICE!

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