Monday, January 26, 2015

TechTalk January 26

Andrew Thomas joins me from and we are going to talk technology.

We kicked off the show talking about what we think is a very interesting phone hardware company emerging   on the market, OBI.

Here is the review of the Crane s550.

The link to the complete podcast is below.

But maybe you just want a tease to what we spoke about.

I love this intro to the show!

This clip is talking about a garage, OffRoad-Zone, and its use of customer relations technology tools.

An intro to Microsoft and 3D virtual reality goggles!

You get a good sense of what we spoke about, below is the entire show!

This is the podcast of TechTalk.

Here are the show notes to follow the links for what we spoke about.

OBI Crane s550 136USD
comes with case
-screen cover/stick on!
-nice feel in the hand you get more than you pay for I think!
-nice kitkat version!

A hidden game in chrome?

WhatsApp adding desktop version
-my bro story!


Apple Watch Battery issue?
Pebble looking at possible ways to make inroads before apple!
Microsoft getting into headsets?
OK this is cool! A use for 3d headsets!
Those twitter guys add and remove analytics tools

drones on mars

Windows 10 free upgrade!
Handwritten letters in your hand!
Drones in action at french theme park!
GoPro, this is cool

Just cool

Istagram to temp tatooes

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