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TechTalk January 19, 2015

Andrew Thomas from and I sat down and had a great conversation about tech stuff and tech news.

This week we had a chance to review 2 Samsung items and talk Google, SnapChat and more.

I loved this part of the show when we realises that we hadn't ever seen the Kiskstarter app yet we talk Kiscstarter all the time.

And here is a glimpse into how tech advanced we are!

Interested in the Samsung Note Edge and the Gear 2 then you are going to want to give our review a listen.

The Note Edge and Gear 2 Review.

There is no question in my mind that you are going to want to give the podcast a listen, here is the easy link to that.

And here are the show notes!

You will see there are some things we did not talk about, take a look and click there is some gold in the notes!

Samsung Galaxy Note Edge 3299 AED
I love it for the design!

Gear2 299USD
-looks good online
-waterproof up to 1 meter
-way better than the 1st gen, sorry to those who bought!

The Good The Samsung Gear 2 smartwatch delivers an improved design, better notifications, a heart rate monitor, and basic fitness tracking offer a lot of extras. It's water-resistant, too.
The Bad Limited number of apps; poor S-Health fitness app syncing; can only be paired to Samsung phones; camera is an unnecessary extra for the $100 it costs over the Gear 2 Neo.
The Bottom Line Samsung has made strides with the Gear 2, but this smartwatch is on its own island with few apps and Samsung-only device compatibility. At this point, you're better off waiting for Android Wear.

How did we miss this? Kick starter has an app

Talko, developed by software legend Ray Ozzie is a coworking and communication app attempting to reinvent the phone call. It falls in the same genre as popular online tools like Slack and HipChat, but unlike those chat-based platforms, it relies heavily on vocal interactions. It's also mobile based—for now. (A web component is coming soon.) The app allows for calls, texts, and pictures between groups and individuals all happening in the same stream instantaneously and simultaneously. Most importantly, it records all messages. If someone isn't available, he can chime in or catch up on a conversation when it's convenient. Participants can flag important moments in meetings or messages, so a late-comer doesn't have to listen to three hours of audio to get to the important part. "It allows voice to be decorated and annotated just like other data types can be decorated or annotated on the web," Talko cofounder Matt Pope told Fast Company.
Facebook messenger and voice transcription is a cool idea!

Cool Haptic tool for bikers
Digital broadcasting
Google Might buy SoftCard to compete with Apple!

Bluetooth Padlock!

Smart Pacifier!

Solar lights and chargers with heart!


Being an influencer is what it is all about!

Check out this phone!
Google Cast Audio!

WhatsApp has crossed another milestone number, with founder Jan Koum announcing that the messaging service now has more than 700 million active monthly users.
That's 250 million more users than WhatsApp had in February 2014, when Facebook announced plans to buy it for $19 billion. (The deal closed in October, with Koum taking a Facebook board seat and continuing to run WhatsApp.)

TV is going Android?

  • Video From Above

  • Video From Above
  • This Polaroid-branded parachute camera shows just how obsessed we have become with picture taking. This year's CES is packed with cameras to capture every corner of the world—camera devices that go underwater, strap to our heads and attach to drones. Just strap on a paracute and start shooting.

Cool story about becoming a game designer, sort of!

30 million just doesn't seem like a lot of money these days
All that glitters is not gold

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