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TechTalk January 12, 2015

TECHTALK is the time of the week when trend spotters and trend wave riders sit beside the radio and get a good dose of what is and what has been hot in technology for another week.

Andrew Thomas from DigitalNexa and myself dig, test and ask questions about the wild world of technology!

This is the podcast of what we got up to.

And here are the show notes and links!

Andrew Thomas MD @ Nexa

Jawbone Up Move

$49.99 online
-good cost
-easy to wear it reminds me of the old pedometer
-bluetooth to phone
-sleep and activity

I wonder if these aren’t things we use for 6 months and then they are a top drawer item?

-my 2 jawbone up’s got water damage.


Like it for the price tag if I was in need of tracker this one would be on the list.
-the coloured wristbands are a great feature but they are sold separate! $15

-I had some difficulty pairing but it may have been too many apps on.
-I found the Android pair easier than the Apple pair. Not sure why you just press a button, maybe the bluetooth enable???


Jabra Sport Pulse Headphones


I am not an advocate of running or outdoor activity with headphones but I like the idea of having a heart rate measure and bringing all the data of a run or workout together with some tunes ,in a controlled environment!

Can answer the phone with these.

USB charge.

sportlife app-cool!

-5hrs battery life
-stick in ear nicely!
-On the track!
-in the park
Love the fact it brings more function to my phone!

App - Make money from your photos

-the heart rate monitor adds a new dimension to my workout!

Cool App this is the next thing!



Flickr user Ed Schipul
The Dish Network is launching a new service called Sling TV. For $20 a month, it’ll stream those channels like ESPN via the internet; channels that have kept many of us tethered to traditional cable plans. So what does this have to do with design? When you unclip television from the wall, the possibilities for entertainment go truly mobile. Plus, when you make phones and tablets the de facto viewing experience, you can begin to imagine new ways of ingesting and interacting with that content. [Read more]
Takeaway: Truly seamless, omnipresent entertainment is on the way, and it has way more potential to change things than SmartTVs or new DVD technologies ever did.

CES not too impressive!
-problems are bigger functional affordable-be there-be mobile the place to monitor what is next

4 CES Trends

1. Will people actually wear wearables?

2. Will 3D printing be ready for the masses?

3. Can big data keep up with the Internet of Things?

4. Will innovation return to smartphones and tablets?

Phone to projector alarm, oh yea!


Mobile payments are going to grab big ground during 2015

Modular SmartWatch! Cool!

Battery with phone notification for smoke detectors!


How do you get the fashion industry to embrace wearable technology? Build the technology for them, and make it the size of a button. That’s Intel’s idea, anyway, with their Curie Module, a self-contained, button-sized system that contains a multitude of sensors and Bluetooth. It will be available in the second half of 2015. [Read more]
Takeaway: Intel is going to try with the fashion industry what’s already worked for them in computers and smartphones: Build the guts, let manufactures figure out the body.

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