Thursday, January 08, 2015

GetFitRadio January 6, 2015

Fitness is on our minds pretty much 24/7.

And Nightline is very fortunate to have a dedicated fitness connection.

Zelda Higgins
Recreation Coordinator at Zayed University

I sit down with zelda on a weekly basis and we unpack the true and not so true fitness speak.

Here is what we set out to speak about this week.

I leaned that I should not try to look like Hugh Jackman!

  1. how to strengthen the abs

2. the perfect workouts? What do you make of these?

3. tips to get up and moving, make it a game!

4. How did you do over the holidays?

5. getting pushups right!

6. how to get the resolutions for health and fitness to work!

7 super short workout? really?

8. Stairs!

9. good to know!

If you have a question or a fitness story PLEASE send us an email we would love to hear how you got fit or maybe didn't.  Or maybe you have a workout story or question? Share with

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