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CarTalk January 19

CarTalk was back with 1/2 of MotoringMe.com.

The Crank: Imthishan Giado
Quite possibly the oldest young man in the Gulf, Imthishan’s a true product of the local motoring scene, having spent most of the last three decades meticulously (some would say pedantically) cataloging and observing the growth of petrolhead fever. A serial car buyer, car gazer and classic car hunter, he brings just the right amount of (medically-approved) neurosis to the team, as well as a wit dryer than the sump of a Metzger-engined 911.

We started the show, as we do, with a tour around what the boys have been doing over the last week and we try to stick to cars.
I suggest you take a little trip over to Facebook, WOW, is all I can say.
Icelandic stream crossing, a Morgan 3 wheeler and more!
Back to the show we had a nice evening of messages and we caught up on what we missed from last week.
Imtishan: you prefer the V8 Mustang over the 2016 NSX justify that! And what is your view on ME region being an outcast for many great vehicles.

Same 3 wheeler as in peter seller's film 'the party'?

Just bought a Skoda Octavia and am so impressed. After lots of research can say you can't get this much bang for your buck anywhere. Loving it :) and the show btw Joel

Have u guys seen the new landcruiser 70? 30th anniversary edition and looks v like the original (square and rugged). Any thoughts?

Hi team. Yup the new octavia vrs is ace! I met a chap who has just " x x x ed " it to 290bhp ! Awesome! Ian (skoda guy)

Why is Touareg more expensive than grand Cherokee?

Thanks. My question was a loaded one. I bought the new landcruiser 70, 30th anniversary edition. 4 door version but haven't seen any others. Love it! Lot of car for the money I think (140k). Cheers, Scott

Yep. Al futtaim, sheikh zayed.

Which engine consume more fuel 6 cylinder or 4 cylinder  on highway.  Faisal

On a lighter note
What do you call a  convertable skoda?
'a skip'
lol Will

Hey, what's your take on Audi A5 2015 😏

What do u guys think of the new nissan hybrid pathfinder. Mohamed

So which one is more fun? The Morgan three wheeler, the Lotus Exige or the Corvette?


I drive a stick shift 86 daily, most weeks to AUH. Great economy and fun. All I want now is a Triumph Thruxton! - LA86

Hi guys, drive a Honda accord coupe and would like to go for a car of the same range. Your take guys

And here are the messages we caught up on.

Mazda cx9, Chevy traverse, pathfinder, Elias

Whats the maximum mileage one should buy in a used Cayenne S?
Great show!


Subaru tribeca that is rare and nice one to have. MM

How is the RAV 4 full option 2015 for price performance

I was planning to get the toyota gt86 but just found out going to have a baby. :/ Now looking into a sedan but still take to a track. Evo or STI?

Hey guys.

Question 1: How about a family van which would you recommend. Something less pricy because I have other installments.

Question 2:
What car should you buy for your sister in law who got the license recently.


Hi team. I spotted the aeriel atom in abu dhabi. Ian (skoda guy)

Hi James, I drive a Honda Accord and has clocked 160,000km as I am in Sales and marketing. Would like to sell it off and go for the next model . Is it possible to get a bank loan if my visa in my new job is barely one month old. Been in use for 15 years and have a clean bank record. Thanks!

Hi guys, my sister got a license recently and i am looking for a used car something cheap below 30k. Any recommendation? Is a SUV possible in this range?

That was the week of CarTalk!

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