Friday, December 12, 2014

CarTalk December 8

And the boys from join me in the studio for a conversation about what is hot and what is not on the roads.

Here is a bit of what came in on the SMS.

Boys. Great show by the way. Can you help- a friend of mine was hit from the rear in a major smash. Her car was borderline write-off. The other guys insurance is paying and she has now been told she HAS TO have the car back as it's not written off. Not only doesn't she want it but she has been paying a hire car ever since. This is now SIX WEEKS at her expense while the car is repaired and forced back on her. Any advice??? Is she allowed to claim all her costs back? How does she know if the car is safe?? Cheers. Don

the Lotus is just too small- the dimensions make it look like noddys... (with a taxi motor!)

Instead of lotus car that costs 292000 i would buy a mini cooper . Same size and half price.

Dear Pannel,
Guide me on the Jaguar XJL 2.0 turbo. It's a long car I thought with a small engine.what can be the long term problem with they last.

Im drvn a 2014 audi s6..just bot the car 2 months b4.thinkn of changing d t ok if i can jus change d muffler or d whole exhaust..abdul

I'm thinking of a 4 door sports sedans between ATS Cadillac and Lexus IS350 .  Rami

Im trying to sell my toyota aurion, 2008, black, mid option, done 118k, accident free for 40k dhs. No buyers yet.  Pls advice.

I am looking to sell my BMW 730i 2008 MODEL GCC SPECS single owner with 88k kms. Its clean and in excellent condition - what would be a fair price. Are there any shops who will buy it ?
Regards, Freddy

As always a lot of good fun and conversation.

Here is the podcast.

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