Saturday, December 27, 2014

CarTalk December 15

We started out the week with CarTalk.

Juergen Schmitz (MD of Infiniti Middle East)

What are you driving?

2016 audi Q7 has a new look, i like the image!

Have the Bentley Mulsanne for the weekend!  Very excited!

Limited edition 45th Anniversary GT-R to go on sale from January, bears the same Silica Brass color as the R34 Skyline from 2001, and all cars to be numbered too

How many men does it take to film a #lexus #RCF? This many

Mega cool little #Suzuki #jimmy #offroad #4x4

Here's a Nano that says Tata to the slow lane and hits 190kph!
Whoa! JA Motorsport has turned the tiny Tata Nano into a crazy 230 bhp machine that can do 190km/h. The original 38hp two-cylinder engine has been ditched in favour of a 1.4-liter four-cylinder motor. The RWD layout is retained, with the ca... See More

  1. civic saloon, nice!
  2. like the old sunny better
  3. rolling the FJ

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