Wednesday, December 03, 2014

CarTalk December 1

And here we go, the boys from roll into the studio and it is an hour of car, truck, bus and roadmaster conversation.

As you can hear from that podcast this is a very serious hour, really!

Here is a look at some of the SMS traffic.

How is a maruti 800?

Actually we can listen to you guys at home as I am right now, using an iPod nano etc

2015 Wrangler Unlimited Rubicon or Sahara edition? Mostly street driving, a little dune driving. Looking for better resale.

I do have a phone but it does not have a default radio app like the iPod nanos

New size coke cans.... car manufacturers nightmare

I'm looking for an economical 4wd with 7 out of 10 for road use & 3 out of 10 for some serious off-roading, what recommendation can I get? Junaid Khalid

Hi guys, i have a suzuki celerio 2012 model with 145k miles. Time 2 sell?

What about infiniti q50

To drive daily to work, patrol or land cruiser?

I have a new ford edge. What's it like off road?

What can i do with my peugeot 206 rc, 9 yrs old, 360k kms, driven daily 2 abu dhabi, 2 make it last another 9yrs!

Driving a Kia Sportage basic model 2013 not bad at all actually

Oh yeah I'm shaheen

I was stuck with a Toyota Camry for a week. H.A.T.E.D. it. It was new but so horrible. It's more effective than sleeping pills.

Any camry driver needs 2 watch the movie american beauty 2 understand how souless the car is!

drive an rcz. What is more fun, good value and as quick or quicker.

Speaking of raising the bar for the Koreans, check out the Kia GT4 Stinger...I wont buy it!

And here are the show notes.

  1. Uber users in the UAE are in for a ride of lifetime as the app that connects riders and drivers kicks up a gear and collaborates with McLaren for one day only!

  1. Sharjah Motor Show
Reader Jayr Acut Aspiras' spectacular Camaro getting special attention at the Sharjah Motor Show - see our report here

  1. what buyers love
Number one brand searched for on Dubizzle? No surprises - it's Toyota. Read out Land Cruiser buying guide:

  1. WOW car Mercedes CLK GTR - rare indeed. Muhammed Ben Sulayem's car seen at#DubaiMotorFest. Full gallery here — withMuhammad Hadi and Muhammad Hadi.

Useful info for UAE national day celebrations
Conditions, Permissible and Restrictions of the #NationalDay #Celebrations
Photo: Conditions, Permissible and Restrictions of the #NationalDay #Celebrations

Toyota Mirai

All done up in black and chrome, the new Sierra Denali HD looks like it's wearing a tuxedo, but its burly stance and jacked suspension suggest it plans to work whatever formal event you have in mind. Indeed, when it arrived at our shop, we put it right to work. Its first task was to make a 360-mile run that included ascending the Davis Dam's 12-mile, 6-percent grade while carrying a ton of horse-stall mats in the bed. (Our Duramax crew cab 4x4 truck's 10,000-pound gross vehicle weight left 271 pounds for payload, so our lone driver and his social-media connectivity gear weighed in well within spec.) Our test equipment kept a watchful eye out for signs of laziness during the hill-climb event. We then hitched a 5-ton trailer to its Class IV receiver hitch and gave it another workout. (It's rated to tow 13,000 pounds off the back, 17,100 with a gooseneck or fifth-wheel hitch.).

Australian car site is reporting that the 4×4 version of the six-wheeled G63 6×6 is a go for production. If you think a 4×4 variant of the G63 6×6 would simply be, well, a typical G63 AMG, peep out the spy photos of this particular G-wagen. It’s a whole new bag.
Indeed, while the G63 AMG you or anyone else who’s comfortably wealthy can go out and buy has four-wheel drive, it still rides on street-oriented tires and a relatively conventional suspension and chassis for a giant, decades-old refrigerator–like SUV. A 6×6-derived G63 would replace that street gear with burly off-road stuff more in touch with the G-class’s military roots.

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