Friday, November 28, 2014

Time to end the nanny culture in Dubai? November 26

So, it is affordable to have a nanny in Dubai, it is easy to get a nanny, but do they have a clue?

Are we doing more harm to the development of our children with a nanny than raising our children ourselves?

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Is it time to end the nanny culture in the UAE?

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we have agreed that whatever keeps my wife busy can be done by the maid but our daughter is priority. Maids can't teach kids, it's unfair to our kids. Uzair

Why would they blame them selfs if child grown up not properly when they can push the blame to the maid... But I'm not a judge. Reema

It is every child's birth right to be taken care and to be brought up by their parents. Parents are the first teachers in a Childs life. It's the law ofnature whether it's humans or animals. - Sunil Edwin

Most parents are treating maid as slaves front of the kinds and so sad to see those little one behaving towards maids.

I understand your point James, about working parents, but in my life, we rearranged our priorities and needs and hence my wife became a home maker sincethe day our only child was born and she still is - Sunil 

I think the bigger issue is the continuous rise in the cost of living coupled with stagnant wages meaning both parents need to go to work to get by. Forgenerations families could survive on a single salary. Not any more. Central bank policies intentionally target inflation, while the workforce has grownand kept a lid on wages. The obsession with shopping for stuff you don't need also plays a role. Buy less, spend more time with your kids! Mark.

We have to qualify two things one is do we refer to Nanny or maid. Second, how much time is spent by nanny or parent on child care. Most if not all parent are smart these days and they allocate appropriate time for their kids. My wife spent most of the time with the kids and the maid clean the house. Butthere are few occasions where we leave our kids with the nanny because we have to attend to meetings or party. One consideration we made was to hire an educated nanny and we have to train the nanny and maid. In some cases nanny with proper education  are acceptable. After all they become part of the household. I will not characterize the maid as picking a melon. There are means to determine whether the nanny is qualified or trustworthy.

Coming purely from the negative side - as a teacher in the UAE for 2.5 years, I have seen many children hold an absolute and total lack of respect for entire demographics as they see these groups as 'helpers', 'nannies', 'maids' and 'drivers' first, and people second. It's heartbreaking and only deepens the social divide that already exists here at times. Great debate. Thanks, Dan.

4000 for my kids school fee and then another 3000 for the trainee nanny . That means I need a night job

Dear Dr James, extremely important topic.  leaving the children entirely to nannies or housemaids is a disservice not only to children but also to the Nation's future. We are becoming lazy in this respect. Children in total care of nannies ( their servants !)do not learn to respect elders. Farooque

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