Thursday, November 06, 2014

TechTalk November 3

Andrew Thomas is in the house from and we had a great chat about the latest and greatest in the world of technology.

Here is the podcast.

Here are the show notes!

Nov 3


Google Inbox

Storehouse and Justin Bieber

“...combines the instant gratification of a Buzzfeed quiz with the flip-happy speed of a dating app like Tinder." – NY Times
"...tiny revelations, one after the other, is part of what makes Pyne so addictive" – Betabeat
"...appealingly quick, simple and fun." – TechCrunch
Ever wanted help making a decision, settling an argument, or gauging public opinion about certain issues? Pyne is a social polling app that allows you to ask life’s difficult subjective questions, give your opinions, and discover new ideas in a quick, simple, addictive way. Help settle debates on business, politics and current events, or give your opinions on the best TV show, dating advice and fashion.
Ask and answer entertaining questions for hours and engage in deeper conversations through comments. The Pyne Leaderboard is where the best questions rise to the top, get recognized for their brilliance, and gain maximum exposure. Ask great questions to get more votes, likes, and followers, and start making your way to internet stardom! Sharing questions and answers with friends is quick and easy, even if they don't have Pyne.

Reporter App


How to watch movies at work!
viewer that looks like excel sheet!

We may need to get bigger arms! A bracelet that projects the screen on your arm

LG making its own chips!

LG may have been bumped down to sixth place in the “world’s top phone manufacturers” stakes (thanks a bunch, Xiaomi), but the Korean conglomerate hopes to aid its mobile efforts with a foray into the processor business.
On Friday LG announced an eight-core application processor called Nuclun that will debut in its upcoming G3 Screen smartphone, intended for the South Korean market only. Until now, LG has largely used Qualcomm chipsets in its handsets. Not many phone-makers use their own chips, apart from Apple and Samsung.

Facebook safety feature

Nest quietly working in the background to connect our lives

Bit of fun, real life transformer!

How is ello going to make any money?

Ford is doing some cool stuff!

Mixing the old with the new. Spotify speaker in an old school cassette.

Google has a new powerful player

Here comes the VP of all the things: Sundar Pichai, who has been overseeing Chrome, Android and Google apps, got promoted to also oversee Google Research, Google+, Google Maps, search, commerce, ads and infrastructure, according to a report from Recode. Google informed employees about the move with a memo sent out Friday afternoon.
This puts Pichai in charge of virtually all key areas of Google’s business these days, with search still being the big money-maker for the company. Executives who had been leading these entities will remain in place, but now report to Pichai, according to Recode. Google later confirmed the accuracy of the report but declined to comment further.
Wearables - nike and apple still working with each other

How to create professional instagram videos!

Here are Kraig's steps for this:
How to create your own advanced Instagram video preview with text/images/motion:
  1. Edit together your 14 second sequence on a custom 640x640 timeline.
  2. Add text, photos or a video wrapper to your timeline.
  3. Export the video at 640x640 resolution, .MOV file format and H.264 compression.
  4. Place the video file in your dropbox folder or email yourself the file.
  5. Save the video file inside dropbox or your Mail app to your camera roll.
  6. Upload video to Instagram.
How to create your own basic Instagram video preview with simple white/black bars:
  1. Edit together your 14 second sequence on a 16x9 aspect ratio timeline.
  2. Export the video at native resolution, .MOV file format and H.264 compression.
  3. Place the video file in your dropbox folder or email yourself the file.
  4. Save the video file inside dropbox or your Mail app to your camera roll.
  5. Edit video within SquareadyV app (iOS) or Video Squarer (Android)
While weddings are the subject of the video, this sort of thing can really be used for anything from films to music videos to corporate videos. You may have your own workflow to accomplish the same thing, so feel free to share below.

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