Friday, November 21, 2014

TechTalk November 17

Andrew Thomas from to talk about the latest in apps, gadgets and more.

This week there are a couple of stealth apps in the mix including a nice traffic app from the RTA!

And for you feline friends there is a nice new product on the market to track your cat and its toilet habits!

Here is the podcast.

Here are the show notes.

CreativeMornings this week Nov 20 8am! DMC CNN Building

Apps - Maps

Updated google maps

The New RTA Navigation App

Did you see this?

Using this tool to make nametags! COOL!

VSCO cam gets an update allows for journaling!

Talio is a kickstarter! Smart Litter box monitor.

Microsoft realizes that it has to go open source?

Amazon to go 4K streaming, we have good things coming!

What is big data about anyway? This was a useful read.

Will you buys a food printer?

Mobile security this is straight from James Bond!

Beaconing This was new to me. Cool and I want to learn more.

And again mobile is where it is at for sales online!

Apple pay is changing the way americans pay for things

Is google glass dying?

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