Thursday, November 06, 2014

GetFitRadio November 4

I love it when we get to strap on the shoes and pull on the running shorts to do a radio show.

GetFitRadio was informative and maybe a bit funny all in one!

Zelda Higgins was back and we had a lot to talk about!

Here are the notes.

-what is up in the gym?
-student questions?

  1. final advice for triathalon?
-water, stretch, the wall

  1. avoiding injuries worth a revisit.

  1. ice vs heat?

  1. running a track, machine or on the street pros and cons

  1. working out, eating ok not seeing any difference it is 3 weeks no change what am I doing wrong.

  1. any sure fire way to get rid of the spare tire?

  1. is basketball good exercise?

  1. Zelda is dairy bad for us? Friends telling me it is
  2. cut out bread bt does that also mean a bit of pita?
  3. grapefruit diet is back!

And here is the podcast!

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