Thursday, November 06, 2014

CarTalk November 3 joins me in the studio on a weekly basis to talk cars and this week they were back, well one of the team was in the house.

Here is what people were interested in.

I have the rt charger and you need the paddles in order to override the hemi Eco mode!

Hi team. Is the hellcat dna sort of dodge viper? Who built it? :-)  . Ian (skoda guy)

Nambiar] Bmw 535 or SRT

Please review the mccan Porsche

Turbo and S

What car can I buy that my monthly payments will not be more than 2900 a month

I bought a civic 2012 brand new. It's warranty is about to expire. It's 72 k done. No issues as such..Should I be worried about selling it..

Is it good to put ure gear to neutral when stopping at traffic lights? I drive an expedition

Always a lot of fun on the show and here is the podcast to prove it.

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